cartier love bracelet: rose gold or yellow gold?

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  1. YG, but I'm partial as well since mine is YG. I have always loved it in YG. I am fair skinned as well and just thought it looks best on me.

    As for fit, I think you should try it on and see what's most comfortable for you. While I love the look of it smaller, I can't wear mine tight because I am just too "between" sizes. Good luck!
  2. I pick yellow. I may be parital because I have the yg. Originally I wanted the rose but after seeing the yellow in the store I immediately picked that over the rose. I also chose yg because I wear mostly wg and yg so it mixes better wih my existing jewelry.

    I'd LOVE to have my yg bracelet and a rg cuff!! :smile:
  3. Yellow gold! Classic and not "fad" like. Also, rose gold seems a bit old ladish I me.
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    well, i would not want my expensive cartier bracelet to fade since i paid for an exorbitant price and i expect it to be of good quality. also i prefer yellow gold since i love stacking it with my ghw Hermes bracelets. but to each his own. go with what your heart desires.

  5. Funny, I always think yellow gold although classic, looks a bit 1980s. I find rose looks less brassy, a tad more understated and better suited for younger wearers. Luckily, they make Love bracelets in YG, RG, WG, and Plat to suit anyone's taste.
  6. I recently went through the same dilemma of choosing between yellow and rose gold! I went into local cartier boutique a number of times to look at the two colors! Side by side, there's just a slight difference in color... It's oh so slight! And by itself I couldn't even really tell which was yellow and which was rose! (This was in the store... My SA said that outside lighting would make the difference more obvious) I ended up purchasing the yellow gold because I wanted something more "classic" Also, I chose size 16 because I wanted a tighter fit since I'll be wearing it 24/7! Good luck in deciding! You really can't go wrong either way!
  7. i'm a bit bias because I have yellow gold. I initially wanted to get RG but it doesn't suit my skin tone. You should give both a try and see which one you like most.
  8. I'm olive toned and I can rock both easily, tan or no tan but I chose the rosé gold bcuz I thought it made the bracelet look feminine which was nice since structurally it's not. I would go try them on and see which color speaks to you
  9. Thanks for sharing your exprience. I went to store today and tried both on., I was more biased towards rose gold thinking it looks more understated. I agree, i do not see much difference by putting them together. but once i put them on my wrist, the pink gold kind blends into my skin tone while the yellow gold pops out. and the little bit coppery color in pink gold bothers me a bit.
    still deciding! And i am size 13.5 cm. The size 16 is still quite loose on me!
  10. If that's the case, I think yellow gold is better since it pops out on your skintone.
    It was the same for me. I find rose gold blends in too much with my skin that I found it not that striking as the yellow gold, thus my choice of yg :smile:

    It's not just Cartier's rose gold, I think it's rose gold in general too cos I find VCA rg also not so great on my skin tone.

    Good luck with your choice!
  11. I think VC&A's rose gold is even pinker than Cartier's rose gold. I also think Cartier may use a lighter rose 4N for its love bracelets and some jewelry while using 5N RG for its watches. I put my rose gold love bracelet next to a rose gold Vacheron Constantin watch I have (the Vacheron is a 4N rose gold, which is the lighest shade of RG) and it was a better color match to my Vacheron than to my rose gold Cartier Tank (which had a deeper rose color than my bracelet).

  12. woo. I am glad i am not the only one. For some reason, the rose gold looked so plain on the day i tried. It was during daytime. I tried it before under darker lighting, the rose gold does not show much difference from yellow gold though. I hope i will not regret if i choose rose gold.
  13. I'm sure you won't regret whatever color you choose. I have the rose gold and I really like it a lot. Its a very subtle rose color, so unless its next to YG, it could easily be mistaken for yellow. Good luck with whatever you decide. I'm seriously considering getting one in white gold to go with my white metal watches before the price increase happens.
  14. i am so torn now. The first time i saw rose gold , it is very similiar with yellow gold. However, the next time it appears to whitish~~~
  15. I always go for classic, so YG for me.
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