1. I recently purchased a gorgeous big, smooshy black Piper Weekender, and I am seriously in love but I have one little problem. The button on the zipper pull tab has fallen off twice. Luckily, both times I saw it happen so I was able to retrieve both the button and the metal back but I'm trying to figure out a way to prevent it from happening again. Any ideas?


    P.S. I purchased the bag off eBay but my workplace isn't far from the LP corporate offices. I wonder if they'd be able to help...
  2. hi do you use the weekender as your everyday bag? i was wanting that bag but the "weekender" made it sound too big. i really like large bags.
  3. ^^^Yep, I've been carrying it to work. It's really slouchy so it doesn't look as big as it is, and it doesn't weigh all that much. And because of the slouch, it doesn't make you look like you just gained 20 pounds! I love the front pockets - perfect for cell phone, keys, work ID. So nice that they're a good size so I don't have to cram stuff in and then tear a nail trying to pull something out. When I go to an appointment, there's plenty of room to throw in a water bottle, a newspaper, etc. If you love big bags ( I never used to but I do now), I think you'll love this one.

    One note though....not a good bag for a large Purse to go. Everything just falls out. I'm using my Poochee instead.
  4. Any tips on my horrific button problem???
  5. Syb, the hardware is not reusable/needs replacement. LP doesn't carry 'spare parts', or handle repairs, so it's off to the Leather shop with ye.
  6. Oh my...corporate offices aren't much help, are they? I think I'll have to find a repair place where I can stand and watch and supervise! Don't want my baby to get hurt.

    Thanks SH.
  7. Taking the risk of being kicked off the Forum for asking this question, is there any reason why a drop of crazy glue might not fix the button problem?
  8. Really, sometimes SuperGlue MADE for Leather, is OK. This is not one of those times, because your Rivet is in a stress position. (The glue will pull away from the leather the minute you use it).You would be better off with a new leather fob, tassel, or charm to function as a zipper pull. LP rivets have a built-in lock, which is why they cannot be reused or repaired. It can be replaced, tho probably not matched exactly, even if covered with leather. Your bag is black, so you have multiple matching alternative solutions. Think of it as a customized bag !
  9. Thanks for all the info and ideas, SH. I appreciate!
    I have tossed away all my Coach leather products since posting this comment. It worked very well on my LP bags, but I used the Coach Moisturizer on another brand of leather and it left dark spots all over the bag, almost like little oil stains. I was devastated! I used corn starch to absorb the stains and the spots eventually faded into the rest of the leather, but I have since learned that this particular Coach product contains silicon distillates which can spot lighter leather bags. I threw it away. I am now ONLY using Wilson's TLC products, and have replaced my Coach Moisturizer with the Wilson's TLC Lotion and it is wonderful as both a gentle cleanser and moisturizer!
  11. Sorry you had to learn this the hard way but thanks for sharing the info. Luckily, I bought a bunch of the Wilson's product and have a lot on hand. Now I just need to use it.
  12. Hi I just bought a Danielle large satchel bag and it is in Fuscia. Unfortunately,
    it is already dirty and I did not realize how dirty it would get so quickly! Help! What is the best way to clean it? It is lambs leather and very soft. There are so many postings that have different options, I don't know which one to try.
  13. :welcome2: to tPF and LP~land , Larnboc!
    That bag is SO beautiful. The Care Card from LP says use a damp cloth with a mild water-based liquid soap. (vegetable glycerine type soap works well) The care tips here are specific for LP and we have discussed many particular concerns, but basic LP care is simple. A spray soil repellent might be a good idea for you to use after washing. You can pick up KIWI brand anywhere. (You also see Wilson's mentioned but it is very hard to find lately)
    Tips for you are: make sure the cloth is damp, not wet. You only need a tiny amount of soap. Allow the bag to air dry away from heat sources. Follow up with a protectant spray.
    (For a really dirty bag, follow the Lexol instructions posted Oct 15)
  14. Do baby wipes without alcohol work on LP leathers? I use them on patent (don't smack me) and glossy nappa. Afraid of getting LP washed leather yucky with them.
  15. Please don't.