1. Here we can gather & keep all our notes on LP CARE:
    What works, what doesn't, what to watch out for.
  2. All light colored LPs deserve a Christening. I use a good rain and stain protectant spray; extra coats on handles and near zippers and pockets.

    I had an evil spot on my IRON bag, which behaved very well with a gentle rub with an ordinary pencil eraser.

    Never ever use a lotion or cream on your washed leathers !

    Stuff and sleepybags when not in use. Make sure metal is not touching leather.

    Beware new denim around light color leather.
    (more reason to :heart: marine & midnight )

  3. I have a zipper mark from the zipper touching the leather, any idea how to remove it? I tried a leather cleaner on it and it did nothing.
  4. I would probably take it to a leather shop to be safe. You can probably find a good one on Yelp!
  5. OK, this is fun! As far as care for the LP leather, here are my personal tips of what works for my LP (and other all-leather bags):
    Definitely Wilson's TLC Leather & Suede Protector Spray (It comes in a little silver pump spray bottle). If you don't have a Wilson's Leather store near you, you can buy it online. It is $8/bottle. Spray the entire bag evenly (you may have to rub it around with your CLEAN & DRY hands to make sure it is evenly coated), holding it about 8 inches away (I think it says this on the bottle), let it thoroughly dry a minimum of a few hours between coats. Do a total of 3 coats on any new bag. Pay very close attention to treating the handles and bottom (esp on a light-colored bag) of your bag.
    Then your bag will be ready to go! If it gets a little dirty spot on it here or there, you should be able to wipe it off with a little mild liquid soap and a damp cloth. Then let it completely dry, and give it another spray with the Wilson's as needed. For bags that are already thoroughly treated, I say an annual spray with the protectant is always wise.
    Keep in mind, when you treat the leather, your bag will look completely soaking wet smd the leather will look dark. Do NOT panic! It dries completely back to the original shade of the leather. That's one nice thing about the Wilson's: it does not darken or alter the color of the leather at all. It also does not change the surface texture, softness, etc.

    Also, I like Coach products for conditioning and cleaning. Ironically enough, I do not own any Coach bags! I learned from a few tips here on tPF that Coach leather products are exceptional, and I do agree (they also work fabulously for leather shoes and sandals!!!). I purchase the cleaner and the moisturizer. I like to moisturize the leather on my LP bags occasionally. Again, this does NOT change the color of the bag's leather, it just makes it so soft and squishy. It also helps repel any dirt and debris; it easily wipes away.

    Hope this helps. I am very anal-retentive on keeping my bags clean, so feel free to PM me if you have any questions! I will try my best to answer them!!!
  6. Kings20 ~ Are they discolored marks or dents ? Usually the problem is zipper/hardware indentation; if that's it, try massaging the zipper dents out. If you stretch the leather tightly from the inside, and 'iron' them out with your warm hands, you'll find them much less obvious. Over time, it will get better. Soft leathers emboss when metal is in direct contact, especially if stored with pressure or weight. I have a soft bag with zipper marks which have diminished, but now seems like part of it's character.
    This is why we don't stack bgas, but store upright. Only flat constructed bags without hardware should be stored flat to preserve a smooth shape.
  7. It's a discoloration zipper pattern mark from the zipper. It's like the zipper coloring (brass) came off on the bag. So annoying.
  8. OK ~ but which bag do you have ? Different leathers require unique solutions to this problem, which is oxidation (tarnish) from the zipper. Also, what color is the bag ?
  9. Lp marigold Dylan bowler.

    Thanks so much for your help by the way :smile: How can I prevent it from happening again? I did wipe the zipper with a clean cloth and some coloring from the zipper was removed. Is it b/c it's a cheap zipper maybe?
  10. You're welcome. LP uses solid brass, the good stuff. What you removed is natural tarnish. Buffing with clean soft cloths should be all you need to do. It is normal for solid brass to darken to a mellow color.
    *If brass gets too dark, here's a trick~ dilute a little Barkeeper's Friend powder in warm water, dampen cloth with solution, wipe zipper or hardware (only !), then buff dry.
  11. I'm waiting for the first hint of cool weather to take my new Dylan patchwork tote (in Tobacco) out for it's first spin. However, I've already been daydreaming about it (it may be a while, as I'm in GA) and I want to "prep" her for her debut. Is the Wilson's TLC ok to use on that leather?
  12. YES !!! Yes to any spray protectant that says it repels water and stains and also states for use on leather. I used KIWI Suede and Nubuck protector on my Dylan patchwork. (It's easy to find in drugstores). I think it's similar to Cooper's TLC spray. I've also used Meltonian spray " for fabric and leather";wish I could find one that isn't toxic.
    Dylan Patchwork probably needs spray more than any other LP leather, but spray can't do it all alone. I'd brush it off after use with dry terrycloth, to keep dirt from getting a chance to work into the nappy texture.
  13. ^^Thanks so much, Stormy Heart! We've got a Wilson's close by, so I'll have to pick some up & report back.
  14. Okay so I just ordered a bottle of Wilson's TLC and it should be here soon. Quick Question: Is it okay to spray the brass pieces (specifically the rings), or should I tape them up? Feel free to tell me if I'm worrying too much! lol! :p
  15. Hey SC, that's a good question. It won't hurt your hardware if spray gets on it BUT it will run off metal and drip, so go easy. Spray lightly and evenly, just wipe the hardware right away with a paper towel if it seems wet. Cooper says use your hands, too. If you are sensitive, remember gloves.

    ****and Rosie, you're welcome*

    ***** Somebody tell me what Wilson's smells like, please ?