Car portraits

  1. Thank you annelovepuggy :smile:

    Yes it is the large Veneta. I've had it since late July and been using everyday ever since (well maybe except for a few rainy days). When I went to HK I even put a 10" laptop in it and lugged it around the airport.

    It's so soft now I can fall sleep hugging it :heart:

    It is my all time fave bag and I love it to bits!
  2. I'm with hovercraftier -- no car but I ride the subway (in the same city you do).

    Here's my Baltic Ball waiting for the subway train, and riding along beside me.

    Sorry for the low-res pics. Lousy cell phone.
    bvwaiting.jpg bvonmuni.jpg
  3. This is the funniest thing I've ever seen on this forum.
  4. Dorren - that is hilarious!!! Did anyone give you funny looks when you took the pic????
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    Glad I'm keeping you amused and out of lurkdom!

    There was only one woman who noticed. She smiled and said something that I didn't hear (I had my MP3 player on) and I said, "I'm taking a photo for a friend."

    Believe me, I see weirder things on the subway every day than a woman snapping photos of her purse. I won't go into details since this is a G-rated forum. :graucho:
  6. I like this thread!
    But first, I need to get my first BV ... which may be tricky as I'm supposed to be on a bag ban ... :angel:
  7. Bans, just like rules, are meant to be broken, right???
  8. Working on a way around it ... :shame:
  9. I don't think I have posted this before (if yes, my apologies)....

    My workhorse Cabat.... thanks for letting me share. :heart:

  10. WOW :heart: Wonderful photo. The Cabat looks antique beautiful [probably from the reflection of the leather seat ? ] .....
  11. Muni! Sigh, I do miss speedy light rail. Seattle will never have that.
  12. Gorgeous!! :drool:
  13. :: thud ::

    That's a beautiful cabat! Thanks for taking the time to upload the pic.
  14. Nice knowin ya, Skank. Prepare for your imminent banning!
  15. Lady, really go and find something else to do, like take your MEDS!!!!!!!

    Just reported you!