Car portraits

  1. Wow, great pic, Bunkie! And the interior of your car looks as good as your Ball!
  2. nice pic Bunkie!
    your bag looks so "peaceful".....if it makes sense...
  3. Ah, if you only knew its unwashed disheveled state!
  4. Cool thread, Bunkie! Love all the pics.
  5. this is interesting~
  6. Ooohhhh, I love this Ottone Cabat.

  7. Its beautiful!
  8. Beautiful's my veneta...

  9. nyanya I love your veneta! Is the color amatura (sp?) from HI? :heart:
  10. No, it's Baltic :smile: but I'd love getting an Armatura too! hehe
  11. I'm cleaning my car NOW!!!
  12. WOW. Your veneta sits [slouches] beautifully. :love: how long have you used it? Is it a large veneta ? I wonder if the pleated veneta would achieve the same slouchness.
  13. Lovely. It seems having some human spirit in it.
    What's the difference between old and new Ball ?? I'm still a BV novice.
  14. Finally a question I can answer! The New Ball has the hardware rings and is a tiny bit more structured. The old Ball is also more affordable. I think the price difference is $400 USD. The interior is different, too-- the New Ball has one zippered pocket, a cell phone pocket, and a removable zippered suede pouch that is almost as large as the interior of the bag (you can remove it if you want easier access to your items). The Old Ball has a zipper across the entire compartment, but there are four small pockets on either side of the zippered section that you can reach into for easy accesto things like sunglasses. I love the interior of the old ball, but the new ball won me over because it came in blue. The Old ball is only made in classic colors: Ebano, Nero, Noce, and some seasons in the white color (sorry I forget the name).

    Here are pics of a new ball and an old ball. The Carmino red New Ball photo is courtesy of Bluefly; the noce Old Ball is courtesy of Saks.
    oldball.jpg newballred_bluefly.jpg
  15. doreenjoy -

    thank you for the details. I am really getting quite a bit knowledge in this forum. I like the old ball not-so-structure style, but just like you, the new ball 'baltic blue' :heart: [I admire yours new ball bag] certainly is very attractive.