Car portraits

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  1. So I kind of came up with a strange idea. I thought it would be really cool to have some kind of uniform setting, portraits of our BVs that can be somewhat consistent throughout but at a time when they are most lovable. And I thought (and call me crazy) my bags have the most personality when they are sitting in the passenger's seat of my car! Sometimes I'll just look over and think how beautiful it is, sitting there innocently without a seat belt.

    So I wanted to dedicate this thread to passenger shots. I would start with mine but don't have any pics yet but promise to post soon.
  2. What a cute idea Bunkie! My bags are usually in dustbags when they are sitting in the passenger's seat because I'm a bit OCDish. :sweatdrop: I will have to coach them out for pics. :wlae:
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  3. not the passenger seat but in the car. she is on the floor but i must tell you the car was new at the time.

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  4. annie, i looooove your cabat!!
    wat material/colour is it in again?
  5. kopibaby-thank you so much. it is ottone-goat.
  6. annie9999 how CUTE!!! thanks for being the first to post! She is gorgeous!
  7. Love the pic, annie! Especially as your avatar! ;)
  8. annie, that picture of your cabat gets me every single time, without fail... I feel like it's my birthday each time you post it!
  9. thank you bunkie, nymph and mundodabolsa, you are all terrific. so kind and generous.
  10. annie your beautiful cabat is :drool::drool::drool: The ottone color is just perfect. :love:
  11. Here is my contribution for my beloved BV :cutesy:

  12. Mystiletto, I love your car theme pic!! I particularly love the color and how the lighting really shows the texture and fabric of the nappa leather. Thanks so much for sharing.
  13. Here is Ferro Sloane, hanging out with me at a red light.

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  14. This is a great idea - although unfortunately before I can feature my passenger seat here I am going to have to go for a good detailing to get rid of the dog hair and muddy dog prints, since my car is the dog car and therefore there is no way my BVs are going to sit there until it is significantly cleaner than it is right now!
  15. annie9999- i have always liked how your cabat looks in the avatar. now i know where it's coming from :tup:

    Mystiletto-oh this is a perfect pic to show the shape of a veneta.;) the veneta looks so comfortably sitting on your laps.

    Bunkie: great thread! i am trying really hard to fight this urge to pick one up. i held a ferro sloane at my NM and honestly it was quite painful to put it down. I am loving the sloane more and more now.