Car portraits

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  1. ok ladies, seriously, it's one thing to lust after your bags, now I have to lust after your cars too?!

    , I love your bag and your jacket, such a beautiful cut on you!

    bunkie your sloane looks so much more behaved than mine, mine is rarely closed and usually flopping all over the place :p
  2. Thanks guys! I hope people will keep posting. I think the cool part will be the shared theme. It's like, since we can't all get together and post one big group shot, the next best I guess is to have a shared theme/background setting! Oh, and BookerMoose - c'mon, that's no good reason for keeping from us! My car can be extremely hopeless and messy, most of the time!!
  3. everyone,
    fantastic pics!!
    now i need to convince DH that i am not crazy when i try to take pics of bags in the car. already he tinks that i am for taking pics of food that we eat...:rolleyes:
  4. Ha ha, I do that too. :nuts:
  5. gosh, it must be such a singaporean habit to take pics of our food, kopibaby and ms piggy. just to let you know i am totally guilty of the same thing and i know it's off topic, but here's my fav shot of a sushi breakfast i had in tokyo earlier this year! :shame:

    Breakfast close up.JPG
  6. ^ Oishii!


    Will try to contribute some pics soon. Keep them coming!
  7. How about a bus picture instead? I don't own a car but I want to play!

    And sorry for the political message if it offends anyone but I think it adds to the San-Francisco-public-transportation-credibility of it all.
  8. Love everyone's pics!! Thanks for the fun thread, Bunkie!!
    OT, but armcandyaddict, that sushi looks oh so yummy!!

    Finally took a pic of my dear ebano campana.:shame:
    ebano campana Nov 2007 resized.JPG
  9. kopibaby - I hope that means there is a car portrait to come!
    ms piggy - I do that all the time. In fact, I have a food blog and take my camera with me wherever I go.
    hovercraftier - can I just say, I love that pic! It has a lot of character. And the ball bag is so very lovely.
    Mid- the way your lovely ebano Campana reflects light at that angle gives it a beautiful sheen. You can totally tell the bag is new! I love the shape and you seem to have it filled just the right amount.

    Ooh ooh, I want to see more, guys!!
  10. I'm not worried about you guys seeing my messy car - I'm worried about my BVs getting dirty when photographing them in it!:yes:
  11. Ah my mistake! We still want to see though. :yes:
  12. Beutiful pictures everyone! What a great thread!
    Bunkie your ferro sloane looks silver in daylight. It's incredible with this bag. Every pic I see there is always a different shade of grey and now silver!
  14. Great picture. I just recently stopped taking the bus/subway because I changed jobs. I really miss public transportation. So I can really appreciate this picture. It shows that BV looks great anywhere!
  15. My black old ball - innocent and perched atop my laptop bag en route to dinner.