BV discontinuing stretch "knot" in grosgrain

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  1. This is ridiculous.
    But I have to say that the changes started before TM left. We could all see that he was trying to please his bosses but at least he did it tastefully.
  2. Well then, my one Stretch Knot might be my one and only.
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  3. I haven't heard (and I haven't asked), but this is too bad. I really like the subtle texture of the grosgrain/faille because it is versatile and can be dressed up or down. It looks good with everything.

    The news isn't all bad if only faille is being discontinued but the style itself will remain in other fabrics and leathers and special editions. I really liked seeing the new special editions every season and will miss that. For the classics, the smooth satin ones are so lovely, but I wouldn't get as much use from them as with my faille ones.
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  4. I am very disappointed by the design direction Daniel is taking. Change is inevitable, but the core design elements that spoke BV are disappearing with each new collection. I used to be excited waiting in anticipation for the new collections. I no longer feel that thrill. I am happy with the bags I have collected over the years. I have one knot, the SO struzzo stretch that suits my needs. It’s my special occasion BV. I do look forward to BV jewelry. I’n focusing On expanding my BV jewelry collection.
  5. A56B8223-776F-4939-8C01-33CA24BB67C1.jpeg E2D867D6-A621-449C-BBEE-58FEE108EF6B.jpeg I just checked the financial results of Kering Group. All brands except BV posted positive growth in 2Q. Same as in 1Q but the narration for 2Q seems more upbeat thus this may mean all the changes Mr Daniel Lee imposes will stay and the Group will usually give the new CDO a bit of time while asking Salma Hayek to wear as much BV as possible at public occasions to push sales !
  6. Thank you for this info. I had written a somewhat sarcastic response to some of the article statements regarding the great reception of the new designs, but I’m tired of being frustrated, especially since nothing I do is going to bring about any change in the situation......
  7. It seems to be rather obvious to many of us that these houses are chasing dollars not style, taste & we have seen
    changes in quality as well.
    The world seems to be more about "show & tell"with having the latest fashion item on your back, your arms & your feet.
    Being a leader in the world of fashion seems to be fading being a follower is where it seems to be at.
  8. You better snap up what’s left of Tomas’ designs and/or check out what’s at the the outlet, because I was told that DL would be scaling back jewellery. I didn’t hear this from my SA, but one at another store. I understood what she told me to mean that “New Bottega” wouldn’t be offering a jewellery collection like in previous years.
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  9. +1..I heard this as well from more than one SA & from more than one store ..
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  10. +2
    the quiet and elegant pieces we know will be gone and new gold and silver tone polished, bright and shiny ones will come to replace them.
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  11. This is all so sad and I feel badly for you longtime, loyal BV clients - it is very frustrating to have the supposedly holy grail of retail - brand loyalty - essentially spat back in your face when the new guy comes in and changes everything to appeal to a completely different customer.

    I am not buying the narrative around those sales figures either. It is entirely likely that the inevitable pivot will occur, but only after huge damage has been done to the brand and the formerly loyal customers have defected.
  12. A limited edition beaded/embellished python knot is available on TRR.
    Very dressy but quite spectacular if anyone is on the hunt
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  13. I love that knot! I knew I remembered seeing it in the hand of Nicole Kidman!

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  14. This is one of the prime reasons & examples of why I collect the "knot".
    There is no other house that has such a distinctive & iconic bag that exudes taste, style ,spectacular craftsmanship
    & uniqueness. This particular knot is an exclusive edition as looks as good today as when it was first issued
    several years ago.
    As I have mentioned many times, what is "knot to love"
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  15. I feel exactly the same way! While other minaudiere collections are nice- they just don’t do it for me. Chanel has some really distinct collectors pieces, but I don’t get the sense of elegance that I do with the knots. Same sentiment regarding Judith Leiber crystal minaudieres. Striking, yes. But lacking the sophistication.

    I’ll say it again.. what a shame if Lee stops their production. In my opinion, they are the epitome of high fashion without the flash.
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