BV discontinuing stretch "knot" in grosgrain

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  1. Real Deal Collections. Trustworthy online site.
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  2. Ohhhh, wonderful! I have not heard of them, going to check them out. Thank you so much! :flowers:
  3. My pleasure.
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  4. I had just added BV to my aspirational brand list - since it is understated and well made. And boom change in design.

    While there are some things in the new collection I kind of like. I think the Pouch is cool but unnecessary for me. I also like the jumbo weave in the normal big tote size, and the shoes. I also liked some of the leather clothing ideas.

    But much of that new collection feels Instagram ready and not real life ready. And I hadn’t gotten into the brand enough to figure out exactly what options would be a good addition, and now it is all changed.

    Sad for sure. I wish brands could better balance chasing Gen X with keeping their classic appeal.
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  5. ITA

    Nail > Head
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  6. These are just stunning :heart::heart::heart:
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  7. Thank you so much :flowers:
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  8. I'm in a similar boat, but, uh, I'm Gen X and I promise you I'm way too old to be the demo they're chasing. (Though we finally have money, hurrah!)
  9. I've been a long time fan of the Nodini. It's light, functional and elegant. I see many are still available, but I'm worried they may discontinue it and if I should buy another in a new color just to be safe. I need a lightweight bag, crossbody,smallish, but able to accomodate the basics without hassle. (medical reasons for these requirements). I noticed that there was only one Nodini on the Saks shelves the other day and that made me think.
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  10. If it works for you & all the elements you mention being light, functional & elegant,
    why not?
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  11. I think you convinced me. :biggrin:
  12. You will make the right choice I'm sure.. Enjoy!!
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