BV discontinuing stretch "knot" in grosgrain

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  1. Hmmm, interesting points. I’ll have to ask how the DL collection is selling in Vancouver next time I’m in town.
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  2. “Meme Economy”, that’s what I was looking for.
  3. My sa likes chatting so a quick stop usually is an hour, LOL. But I learn lots that way. And she acknowledges it’s the social media crowd that is driving the current wave of sales. She said they turn away a handful of people daily looking for pouches and shoes. They’re obviously happy about the increase in sales. What happens when there’s no IG darling in the upcoming collection? I’m beginning to view this as a study/experiment and I’m on the sidelines watching the ebb and flow.
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  4. exactly my point!
  5. I think they either earn or inherit. I live near an area with lots of what I call trust fund babies so in their early twenties, they have the shopping power that others may not expect. Age is not a factor on shopping the luxury market.
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  6. There will be an IG darling next season because BV will pay for influencer placement, they all pay for placement. Imo very few trends start organically on IG without corporate sponsors, I just wish they would add a disclaimer to the posts if they were paid.
  7. I am starting to dread what I am about to see this September. Perhaps those ugly small and extra large bags and asymmetric clothing :lol:
  8. Another thing I noticed was that, the Cesta, Roma, Knot and perhaps Garda have gold hardware now.
  9. True. Sigh.
  10. The two things I loved most about BV are going bye bye, woven leather and no or minimal, not flashy hardware.
    My sa showed me the bucket and the construction is very interesting. A small or mini size would be more practical, but the handles. LOL I’m just waiting to see how things go. It’s not like I actually need another bag.
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  11. I agree about the woven leather. That's what made BV so distinct. I am eagerly waiting for the Stained Glass Piazza to go on sale in NM. That would probably be my second to the last purchase, the last one would be a Cabat as I dont have one yet. After these, Ill just scout the outlet for old season models.

    My last Euro trip had me going to three BV Outlets :lol:
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  12. Wow 3 outlets, that sounds like fun!
    Hope the bag you’ve got your eye on goes on sale.
  13. but this is not case in many other places :confused1:
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  14. I actually know the outlet in Florence because that's where I used to buy. But @ksuromax mentioned Vicenza, so I stayed there for two nights and visited the adjacent cities as a side trip :lol: The outlet in Paris is kind of new and they have a lot of RTWs.
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  15. What is RDC? Thank you :smile: