BV discontinuing stretch "knot" in grosgrain

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  1. #31 Aug 13, 2019
    Last edited: Aug 13, 2019
    I'm still on the hunt for the image of Nicole Kidman carrying a soft pale green suede & pale fleshy colored chiffon knots
    to one of the award shows. She too has a wonderful collection of BV knots.

    Sometimes a designer/company has to go the direction they need to & then back full circle to recognize the
    bad decision that was made. Hoping we will all stick around to see what the verdict will be
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  2. It happened with BV once before, in the late 90s when they were putting logos all over the bags and clothing. Tomas brought them back to basics and saved them from almost bankruptcy (well, and Gucci Group acquiring them), but who knows... they might need to get to that point again. I think though that we are in the middle of another logomania phase as far as the other design houses go. I wonder if we’ll see a graffiti line from BV soon. :whistle:
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  3. Logomania is in fashion right now & it seems like many of the design houses are going in that direction.
    Instant label recognition is now what many buyers go for
  4. That’s probably why Daniel Lee has put visible branded heatstamps/brand engraving on buckles etc. on most of his new designs. Baby steps, doll. Baby steps :lol:
    It was quite funny when I was at the boutique and I mentioned to the SA that I was disappointed DL put brand stamping on the exterior of the bags now and she said Oh no, there are no logos, nothing that says Bottega...
    I was thinking like, I guess you didn’t look that closely when you put this stuff on the shelves then, huh? :lol:

    I mean like how is everyone supposed to know how rich and fashionable I am if you can’t see what expensive labels I’m wearing huh? huh?
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  5. Well, I just pulled the trigger on another BV limited edition knot & glad to do so.
    It doesn't matter to me that BV may not go forward with the knot, what matters to me is that BV
    was a class act when Mr. Maier was lead designer & I'm delighted to have my collection in spite
    of the direction BV may be going down the road with the "new designer"
    When Mr. Maier was in NY launching the BV book it was just a joyous event & when the
    knot retrospective traveled the world, that in itself speaks volume
    Taste was bountiful then!!
  6. I, too, am being more mindful of those items we'll never see again ...
  7. I’d love to see which knot you acquired!
  8. 27B789B1-9528-4DF5-A58A-13FC5E3D51A2.jpeg I have two knots.
    This is one of my favorite bags I own — and to my mind, one of the most spectacular knots ever produced.
  9. +1... And to my mind as well:heart:
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  10. Yesterday my sa confirmed that all knots are being discontinued.
    She thinks the Olympia will stick around, maybe the Garda, depends on how well it sells. But DL loves the cabat so the mini will stick around.
    The store had about 6 pouches left in store, I didn’t actually count and they were displayed at the front of the store. They can’t keep them in stock and newly released colors are gone before they hit the floor. And yes, even the sponge is selling. I don’t understand why but I am not the current target market.
    As of yesterday there was one pouch 20 in iris left in the us.
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  11. That will likely make DL think his sponges are really sought after! I am also not his target market so need the resale market to get me my next BV ...
  12. I'm going to admit to not being a knot gal, although I appreciate the aesthetic. Also not a pouch person, and as for the sponge :sick:. So I'm not sure where that leaves me demographically (other than old). But I think a lot of the current buying frenzy is simply "gotta have the latest" and many of those bags will show up on the secondary market before you know it.
  13. I was talking to one of my students tonight and she asked if I’d tried the spicy Popeye’s Chicken sandwich yet - no, I said, why? She said it was blowing up social media and sold out everywhere. That’s the demographic DL’s bosses are going for; that’s who is buying The Pouch, etc. That is the demographic who will leave BV in the dust this time next year. DL will have to keep creating and creating. This group must have the absolute immediate NOW thing. ADD and no communication skills at their best. I am glad to have what I have to last a good long while. I do wish I’d kept the one Knot I had but I didn’t use it so no real loss.
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  14. But where is this demographic getting the disposable income for BV priced bags?:confused1:
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  15. I don’t think it’s disposable anymore -I think it’s plastic, and it’s not real to them yet. And there are a lot of ready-made millionaires, too, as you and V0N know up in your part of the continent.