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Dec 18, 2009
Manchester, UK
I usually have really good experiences with the well-known sellers on IG (@cocoapproved, @lovelotsluxury, @timelessv0gue, @chlcouture, etc.), but one noticeably bad experience. Hopefully this will be helpful.

I bought a Trendy CC from @luxloversmelb on IG that was described as excellent condition. She said the only wear was "only minor rubbing on one corner that's size of a dot. Hardly noticeable. Also a minor rub at top right. I'll send a pic. Both inevitable and expected as there is no perfect preloved trendy." Then she sent a picture of the bag and the corner, saying "the corner rubbing is so fine I can hardly capture on pic." She also said that the bag "hasn't been used much for a trendy." She was super friendly and responsive, and shipping was fast as well (I was charged $75 for shipping).

However, when the bag arrived, I was so, so disappointed. There was a loose thread on the back, there were several scratches on the leather all over the bag (they were faint, but they were still there), the back pocket was stretched, the metal plate was quite severely scratched, the turn lock had tarnishing, and the interior had what looked like crumbs in it.

I know other people have had good experiences with them, so maybe this was just a one time mistake, but I was left feeling like I was duped.
Goodness me. I’m so sorry to hear about your poor experience. I would feel the same too. Thank you for the heads up.


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Jun 11, 2020
I just wanted to give credit to globalluxcloset, timelesslikeaudrey and purseaffair for great buyer experiences. Responsive, items as described, shop quickly, check in on you while awaiting delivery. I would be happy to buy from any of them again.


Apr 20, 2011
Big +1 for @coco_approved on IG! It was my first time buying pre-loved and I was incredibly apprehensive. The bag was in perfect condition and had the protective stickers still attached so of course, it almost seemed too good to be true.
The folks at coco_approved were incredibly accommodating, understanding, and even held the bag for me while I went back and forth trying to decide if I should purchase it.
Ultimately, I bought it and did an EMT. It arrived neatly packaged and exactly as described — couldn’t be more thrilled to knock a HG off my list!

As a note, I would still advise against transferring money to anyone you choose to purchase from. There really is no safety blanket and I absolutely took a chance here but only because I heard a lot of great reviews from multiple sources who also did money transfers to them.
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Jan 12, 2006
Always helpful to use the search tool :biggrin:

I've used her twice and both times she was very efficient and would take initiative to update me. [emoji106] items take abt 2 weeks to come since I'm in Asia.
No problems so far. Amongst all the PS I think her price is most reasonable given tht she is in US where they need to pay tax on top of the product cost.

Looking for luxe was v friendly too and reasonably priced but slightly higher than mireyna so I didn't go with her.
Personally, I like using personal shoppers for the convenience and availability of items — often times I have to hunt around for an item that in the end is out of stock / unavailable in my area, and/or have to go through unpleasant SA’s (esp since i’m not the most frequent buyer) (not to knock on SA’s, i’ve found amazing ones too!) — so I don’t mind paying a small fee for someone who already has the relationships and network built to secure an item for me that I really want :smile:

Yes it sucks that “they” may contribute to the reason for restrictions and waitlists, but I recognize that is now the ways things are and respect them for just trying to make a living

So far, I’ve used from IG/online:

High praise for all of them as their customer service and prices are excellent. I’ve had all of their items authenticated and they’ve all been authentic!

All opinions are my own of course so take it as you may
Yes, there are always red flags. No original pictures is one. Pictures in lower light is another. Now I see the newer pictures on this PS’ page are in very bright light and creases are mentioned. I think it’s better when the item is in the possession of the PS. In this case it wasn’t. Now the PS tells me there’s nothing she can do since I paid the owner directly. I would ask a lot of questions before you actually buy. Also, if an item is coming from a store it’s much less likely there would be an issue. It’s mireyna_fashionlover. Disappointing.
We were shocked too, bc it was really glaringly fake, not even a "super fake." I'm in no way an expert Authenticator but I could see just from the pics the bag looked odd! AND as my friend pointed out, it had the genetic serial # that's used on many fake bags. Something most sellers of Chanel would & should know about when selling bags worth thousands on a daily basis. I don't know what to make of it, but it's absolutely unacceptable to offer a fake for sale. Not knowing isn't a good excuse, it's their job to know.
This does not surprise me. She doesnt live near any Chanel stores. She re-uses pics that are sent to her from several different associates which we all use. Also, her prices are very high! Lastly, she does these ridiculous raffles to "make extra money". I am not saying what she does is un-ethical, but wow really?!?! not knowing a bag is authentic or not is pretty ridiculous! she should know better.
Since some of us are using personal shoppers on IG, here are some personal shoppers I've used and recommend. Safe shopping everyone! Again, I'm so sorry this happened to you Lover1234567. By the way, I did report her page. Thanks for the warning.

All of them are very sweet! Patient and sends lots of photos. Very responsive.


Hello, does anyone have experience buying/selling from mireyna_fashionlover?


Jun 12, 2016
She has great reviews on the Facebook group Reetzy
I also bought from her, and I absolutely love my bag. She gives you the option to go Paypal Invoice, which I really appreciated since most shoppers only want Zelle nowadays with no Paypal option. I prefer to use my credit card via Paypal for extra protection and points.
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Apr 26, 2019
Hello, anyone bought from IG user luxurypl38 before? She also has a YouTube channel with the same name. She has a bag I’m loving but she doesn’t use PayPal. Only Transferwise. I don’t feel safe transferring money without any buyer protection. Just seeing if anyone has bought a bag from her before and item came as described and authentic? Thank you!


Jun 7, 2019
Just wanted to throw a word in here for vluxestyle. She got me a beautiful 17c pink chevron mini and had amazing communication start to finish. She also has really competitive buyout/trade quotes and works with her clients, not to mention has some ungodly fast response times. Highly recommend!


Apr 26, 2019
Just wanted to throw a word in here for vluxestyle. She got me a beautiful 17c pink chevron mini and had amazing communication start to finish. She also has really competitive buyout/trade quotes and works with her clients, not to mention has some ungodly fast response times. Highly recommend!
Congrats!! That’s my dream bag... lucky you to land on one.
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