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  1. I'm so torn because I've found the mini I've been wanting for ages but it's from a seller off Instagram. Has anyone purchased a bag from one of these sellers and had a good experience?
  2. Does the seller have a website? And can you pay with PayPal? I would just make sure it's authentic
  3. Some of the sellers on Instagram are authentic resellers with actual brick and mortar stores and some are fakes. So it depends who you are looking at. I have bought from one who has a physical store and posts the bags on Instagram. Don't think I would have if I couldn't see actual store.

    Also, some will provide additional authentication from a third party if you want it.
  4. I think it's fine as long as you can get enough pictures to verify authenticity and can pay via paypal.
  5. Paypal is the best way to pay IG seller. They have great buyer protection. Don't do wire.
  6. Be really careful as there are a lot of scammers on instagram. Follow the advice of all the other posters and always pay via paypal.
  7. Yes I'm happy to report (and 2 bags later) that I successfully purchased 2 authentic hard-to-find bags from IG sellers. Both worked with me and let me pay via PayPal but I did have to pay the 4% fees on PayPal. This was worth the protection for me!
  8. I think it depends on the seller, know who the seller is (maybe their personal IG account, so you know who you are buying from) see if they have a website or a brick & mortar location. Know the bag you are getting etc. there are a lot of good sellers on IG (and the ones that sell fakes are obvious) do some research it's not all bad.
  9. Do you mind sharing the names? I have a few Thai IG resellers I'm not 100 percent they're legit tho.

  10. Messaged you
  11. can anyone post a pic of a bag they got off ig????
  12. also how do you find these ig sellers???
  13. Through hashtags of the purse you want usually works. But there's a lot of fakes too but there's honest ppl out there too saying they're selling replicas. Just depends...
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    As long as you know the seller. With that said I don't really trust the Thai sellers tho.
  15. Yeah so true with the super fakes out there you can never b too careful