Box Calf / Veau Box through the years #boxcalfnerds

  1. You may also want to look at Sombrero, which is VERY matte.
    DocRide's Luxury Again makes a box calf polishing kit, which I think can be used to achieve shine on box when you want it. I tried it on my 1952 Kelly and I'm just too chicken to really brush and buff the bag, but it's a great kit.
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  2. I agree that some years are more matte in box. My anthracite box Kelly is not shiny like my vintage Kellys. I think anthracite looks better more matte as well.
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  3. Thank you for the explanation of Box leather over the years. It is truly educational & helpful!
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  4. Matte box would be a little easier to maintain though I'm thinking? I've only read the threads on sombrero, never seen it IRL. I would probably take a few different leather options if the other specs for my needs however :smile:
  5. I agree with you, and a matte anthracite Kelly would be near the top of my wishlist!
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  6. I only have a Ulysse in Sombrero. It has a lovely, almost powdery matte-ness. My Ulysse got SOAKED through (I mean drenched) in The Great Evelyne Airplane Accident and looks quite a bit the worse for wear, but I will say that it didn't stain. It does seem more delicate than box to me.
    If you can deal with scratches, box is a forever classic and restores well, and yes, when it's matte I think scratches look quite natural, although it depends on color :flowers:
  7. Sorry to hear about your Ulysse. I will have to look up the deets on your airplane incident! I can definitely deal with scratches, I actually don't mind them much at all.
  8. Hi all, I have procured a 2006 kelly lakis in chocolate box calf, ever since I have gotten my 2002 noisette box bearn, I have been addicted to it super smooth texture, and it's attractiveness when it patinas.

    Here are the pictures .






    Ps, the calvi is in butler leather, little is known for this leather so far. But it is just as smooth as the box calf, however it scratches way more easily than box.
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