Box Calf / Veau Box through the years #boxcalfnerds

  1. Hello.
    I have just bought my first Kelly. The bag is a Kelly Sellier box leather in gold.
    It is made in 1997 but has seen very little use and I got a great deal on it. However it does have one or two prominent scratches that is starting to freak me out a bit. Do you guys think they will be less visable when it gets its sheen/patina? I would also appreciate it if anyone has any experience with box calf in the lighter Hermes shades:smile: IMG_1496944179.922867.jpg IMG_1496944202.248016.jpg
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  2. Beautiful bag!

    You can speed up the patina process a little bit with rubs of Saphir Renovateur and I'm sure that will go away in no time. Just make sure to use a small amount and to test out first on a less obvious part of your bag, for safety.

    I had a box calf wallet and although it's not as light as yours (it was burgundy), the big scratches later blended on when my wallet started having patina.

    P.S. I like your username. hej du! :P
  3. Your bag looks quite matte for Box, are you sure it's not Chamonix?

    I have a BBK Sellier that's even older, and on black the scratches tend to show even more. So long as they're not too deep they do blend with time to create patina, sending the bag to spa every once in a while will help too.

    If you don't want to send you bag to the spa check out Doc Ride's thread for help with this particular bag.
  4. Thank you so much for the advice, it really makes me feel better!

    Tusen takk, og hei selv:smile:
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  5. Thank you so much for replying. I will probably send it to the spa in autumn, and I will be sure to check out that thread:smile:

    It's bought at the Brand Off store in Ginza, and the invoice says that it is in veau box, which I assume is box calf. But I also think that it looks like Chamonix. They can probably confirm the leather type at an H store?
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  6. :yes: easily, at least the craftsperson can
  7. What does your blind stamp look like with the Hermes name?
  8. It's a very nice bag. I too am asking the question is it box?
    Are the only scratches underneath the handles?
    Before you consider putting any product on it you MUST confirm which leather it is.
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  9. IMG_1496993152.556208.jpg

    It looks like this:smile:
  10. It says veau box on the invoice from the Brand off Ginza store, but it looks more like Chamonix. I will probably need to bring it to Hermes to confirm the leather type:smile: The scratches are only underneath the handle, and only two of them are really noticable.
  11. I think she is asking about the "Hermes made in France" stamp.
  12. Many of the Japanese resellers call any smooth leather box, whether it is actually box or not.
  13. IMG_1496995199.716476.jpg

    Here is the right one:smile:
  14. With a Hermes stamp like that - might it be Barenia or Vache Natural if you are really lucky!
  15. So it's not Chamonix either? I live pretty far away from the store, so I will not be able to bring it until late autum. Is it only barnia and vache natural that has this kind of stamp?
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