Box Calf / Veau Box through the years #boxcalfnerds

  1. This came up in the Ode to Box Calf thread...the many variations in this beloved leather over the decades...coming up on at least six decades of box calf being perhaps the most classic of H leathers.
    I thought it would be interesting to discuss the difference we see in ours and others' box bags of different years and some lovely tPFers thought so too. Here are close-ups of my three current box bags:

    2000 Kelly 28 Retourné, Noir. This is velvety to the touch and soft with a lot of give. It has a sheen to it that is almost sparkly.

    2002 Bolide 31, Noisette. This box is smoother and more matte (but not as matte as Chamonix), without a noticeable sheen, and is stiffer too. It seems to scratch more visibly (or the bag is just more beaten up :P).

    1980 Kelly 28, Sellier, Rouge H. This is by far the glossiest of the leathers - it is easily fingerprinted, almost like glass. It is shiny rather than sparkly. Even given that it's a sellier it is MUCH stiffer than the 2000 Kelly, significantly more so than the Bolide.
    photo 2.JPG photo 3.JPG photo 5.JPG
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  2. Comparisons between the 2000 and 2002, and between the 1980 and 2000 Kellys. Although it's far more visible IRL you can see how the leathers differ greatly.
    I had always heard that either 80s or 90s box was "the best", but I have to say the leathers on both Kellys are luscious...they are just very different.
    photo 1.JPG photo 4.JPG
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  3. Great idea for a thread! I'll be following along with great interest :smile:
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  4. Thanks for posting the comparison shots QuelleFromage!! :flowers::flowers::flowers:

    What a great thread- I personally too scared of using box but LOVE seeing it on others.. Be interesting to see how it has evolved... Keep the eye candy (and patina) coming!!
  5. Thanks for taking time to create this thread. I can definitely see the differences. I personally love box Kelly in the 80's.
  6. I have a 2000 Box Sellier Kelly 32 which I love but box leather does scare me, I'm so OCD about scratches so box leather is probably the wrong leather for someone like me but I love to admire her beauty.
    Great thread & I'll be following with interest :smile:
  7. Oh what a great thread - thank you! I love box leather and have them ranging from 1964 to 2002 from almost every decade.
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  8. Great thread, well done!

    I have Box bags from the late 80's to 2008 roughly. I have just bought the most GORGEOUS Kelly in Rouge Vif from 1988 in great condition, but I have sent her to the spa nonetheless to get a bit of moisturizer!

    I will post pics of my Box bags ASAP!

  9. 1964! That must be a gem. Any chance you can share a comparison of the '64 vintage with a more recent post year 2000 one?
  10. Thank you - 1964 is my Drag Rouge H which is already shown on several threads but I will try my best to get a shot of her and my K28 sellier brique 2002.
  11. Great thread!
  12. Love Box ill try up loading pictures of my vintage constance its beautifully rich !!!
  13. Great thread! Thanks for starting it, QuelleFromage. I love your 2000 and 2002 box but the 1980 rouge H is just TDF! The gloss is what I've come to associate with H box calf. I've been admiring everyone's box but have not taken the plunge. I'm with @designerdiva40 that I'm pretty OCD about scratches. Funny that I'm pretty rough with my bags but most of mine are clemence so they're pretty sturdy. But when it comes to bags with smooth leather, I ended up not using them as much (or at all) for fear of putting the first scratch on them. :P

    Can't wait to see more! :biggrin:
  14. Yes please do! We would love to see such an evolution of box!
  15. Birkel please do show off the Constance!!

    Fabfashion, I am with you on the Rouge H Kelly. It's one of the most beautiful bags I've seen and it's basically pristine - so it is very rarely carried. The super high gloss and deep colour makes it seem extra vulnerable. The Bolide came all scratched up (at a very low price too), so I'm not precious about it at all, and the black Kelly's leather seems a little more robust with any scratches being more "blendable", so I do carry it a lot.
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