Box Calf / Veau Box through the years #boxcalfnerds

  1. That Birkin is amaze*****. I actually love gloss on Rouge H. Beautiful bags! But the woofer takes the cake!
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  2. They all look lovely, but I have to agree, your Briard is perfect! We may need a couple more puppy pics, just to be sure!
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  3. Here's my new-to-me 1976 black box Constance 23. The leather is super smooth except for the strap, which is dry and cracking a bit. There is a subtle glow that is completely absent in the 2001 raisin box Dalvy I have. This shiny plushness is the reason I love box leather so much.

    When fall and the rainy weather starts up again, I am going to take her to H to see if I can get a new strap put on. Hoping H craftsmen can work their magic and find a matching piece. IMG_1501757913.951612.jpg
  4. GORGEOUS! Congrats, she's lovely and that shine is stunning. This is why I have way more box calf than I need, the leather can be beautiful. Thanks for sharing...
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  5. Oh box oh box. How lovely.

    My vintage box is still standing the test of time here
  6. A Vintage treasure, Purrsey,,,,it's a rare beauty.