BEST lip balm for dry lips?

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  1. It's an oldie but goodie - Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream :smile: - I put it on every night and sleep for 8 hours - when I wake in the morning, it's still on my lips! x
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  2. I used Kiehl’s (in the pot) for 15+ years. It stopped working for me.

    I live by Bite Beauty’s lip masque/balm
  3. Rodan and Fields lip serum for the win for me! half a capsule every night and it fills in all the lines, on and around your lips!
  4. Sylveco lip balm with peeling. It's really amazing. Anyone with dry lips should try it ;)
  5. I really love Chanel's one :smile: (the one in a pot, the other one in a stick is awful and dry :biggrin:)
  6. Chanel's Les Beiges balm
  7. My absolute favorite is Avène Cold Cream Lip Balm.
  8. Aquaphor. Not the lip treatment one with sunscreen (in my opinion this doesn't do much). The one that's meant for lip repair and really dry lips works great imo
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  9. By terry baume de rose - the best!
  10. My new go to lip balm is Lypsyl original. Not only is it moisturizing, it's also non-shiny. Great for guys who don't want that shiny lip look... especially on screen.
  11. My lips used to be so dry they cracked and bled. But, I tried Neutrogena hand cream on a whim (the unscented one!) and it completely healed my lips. Still my HG
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  12. Bite lip mask every night. Awesome stuff
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  13. Aritaum Ginger sugar overnight lip mask
  14. Chapstick - original or cherry (I just like having these around everywhere, at my disposable, always)
    Cerave lip balm w/ SPF
    Nivea lip balm
    Hourglass lip treatment oil

    My ultimate fave was the Dior creme de rose (the one in the white pot) but I believe they discontinued it. Why would they do this?! Ugh.... anyone found a dupe yet?
  15. Aquaphor for cheap n good,
    Laneige sleep mask slathered on for $ tho that tub lasts a good while if u don't slather every nite
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