BEST lip balm for dry lips?

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  1. Great thread!!
    Cheap = Blistex Conditioning Serum
    Not cheap = Laneige balm unflavored
  2. Laneige Lip sleeping mask, I use it overnight but also as a balm for use throughout the day.
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  3. Blistex Deep Renewal
  4. If you like Laneige overnight balm, I’ve found another that I like even better. Nooni apple butter overnight mask. It’s heavy but creamy & stays on well through the night.
    Another I found that is supposedly beneficial for lip lines (I have not used it long enough yet) is Dr. Dennis Gross Hyaluronic Marine Collagen Lip Cushion.
  5. Most lip balms leave an aftertaste in my mouth, the only one that has no taste for me is Elizabeth Arden 8 hour, colourless Spf 15
  6. Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask
  7. For those of you that wear a heavy coat of lip balm overnight, how do you guys keep it from smearing all over your pillow when you sleep? lol I'm a side sleeper so that's something I think about!
  8. I’m a side sleeper too. The overnight balm(s) I use have a thick consistentcy & stay put. It also absorbs into the skin during the night. I can’t stand a pillow right at my mouth or nose. The pillow ends at my cheek, so I have no issues with it getting on my pillowcases, & I use silk pillowcases.
  9. I'm currently using Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask, although it's for night, I apply it throughout the day, moisturizes very well, any Laneige lovers here ? :smile:
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  10. DDA7E5A2-335C-4529-9694-CD1B99D65EA0.jpeg The one I've been using for years is the Clarins lip balm. I've tried many, but this one works best for me.
  11. Fresh Sugar or Fresh Advanced Therapy.
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  12. thanks for suggesting nooni! from what I see online, it's cruelty free, which is why I haven't bought the laneige option folks rave about.
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