BEST lip balm for dry lips?

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  1. Jersey Shore Sun MONGONGO lip conditioner Vanilla Coconut Cream
    Yes to Coconuts Lip Balm (all flavors)
    All Nivea Lip Balms (Moisture one is thick and dewy, others are smoother/lighter)
  2. The Earth Mama Organics coconut smoothie lip balm works really well, and makes my lips so smooth. I bought it at whole foods
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  3. still working the by terry baume de rose
  4. I use it as a lipstick but don't find it particularly hydrating.
  5. Chapstick medicated (the light blue chapstick). I buy it by the case and I’ve stuck with this for over a decade. :smile:
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  6. Blister Lip Medex or Aquaphor
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  7. I really like products from Kiehl's, and they have a new one called Buttermask for Lips. It's meant to treat lips overnight. Anyone tried it? I've read good reviews.
  8. Smith’s Rosebud Salve is my absolute favourite. I bought it after doing some research few years ago, it was hard to find somewhere to sell it before, now sephora carries it which makes thing so much easier. Even though it comes in tube which is more hygienic and convenient, I find the pot version works better, not sure if the formulas are different.
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  9. I've been using Farmacy's honey butter beeswax lip balm for about the past two weeks and I love it, so far. You can order it online from Sephora. It costs 10.00 USD but it is twice the size of regular lip balms that you find in the drug store. Plus, I don't really don't get any relief from drugstore lip's weird, I tried lip balms from EOS, Nivea, Burt's Bees and most of the other brands of lip balms that are sold at my local CVS and they don't really do anything for my chapped lips. But my lips get chapped pretty bad all the time, more so than other people's do and the Farmacy lip balm is definitely helping. Only downside for me is that it has kind of a natural smell to it.

    Laneige's lip sleeping mask and Bite Beauty's Agave lip mask are also highly rated and are said to really work, although I haven't tried them yet. They are a lot more pricey than your average lip balm, again, but are rumored to work very well.
  10. I avoid petroleum based balms now because all they do is sit on top of my lips. I also avoid anything with essential oils or ingredients typically used for fragrance, like lemon or any other citrus. I tried a lanolin based balm by Mentholatum because it was cheap and I couldn't find Lanolips locally and while the feel was okay on application, I ended up having to reapply every so often because it felt like the ingredients were fighting each other; moisturising and drying.

    I really liked using Dr. Jart's Ceramidin Lip Balm. It's ceramide based, which is a key component in plumping and retaining moisture in the skin. If I want a tinted balm, I go for Dior's lip glow range (mango butter base, if I remember correctly). I even use it before I brush my teeth as toothpaste tends to dry out my lips (though, I am looking for a cheaper alternative. Perhaps in this case a petroleum based product would work.)

    Chanel's Hydra Beauty Nourishing Lip Care is great if I want something to prime my lips before lipstick. It has a thinner oil type consistency compared to the Dior Lip Glow's buttery balm sensation so it's perfectly suited to priming. If I have flaky lips, Dior's sugar lip scrub is also good (and convenient in tube form).

    Last but not least, Laneige lip masks. This was a game changer for me. I used to wear it before sleep every night but I found that a bit excessive. I'd begun to get painful cracks in the corners of my lips because I used to slather on so much that it caused my lips to be super slippery in my sleep (the cracks are caused by drooling in my case). Also, the sleep mask only really works if your lips are dry (I think it works mainly by softening the flakes thoroughly enough for it to be easy enough to scrubbed away with a towel in the morning), and you have a full night's sleep (i've tried and it won't work for the 3-4 hour sleep range). It would be kind of wasteful and pointless to have it on smooth lips as a simple balm that works for you would do in between lip masking nights.
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  11. Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask and the Lanolips Lip Balm in the tube (not sure the exact name right now) are my two absolute favourites!
  12. I"ve found unscented eye cream to work best as a lip moisturizer. It absorbs very easily.

    The Lineage Lip Mask sounds great for winter and chapped lips. I've added it to my shopping list. Thanks for the tip!
  13. Nuxe, Lush, hurraw , dermbolisse
  14. Qtica! Layer on a super thick layer, go to sleep, wake up and rub off all the (now very softened) dead skin with a cloth or a tissue: voila fresh lips!
  15. I love Badger Balm