BEST lip balm for dry lips?

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  1. Smiths Rose Salve ain't cutting it no more
  2. I was lurking on a different thread and saw your new thread pop up so I created an account (that should explain how bad my lips have been this year) to suggest LaRoche Posay Nutrtitic - it's pricey, but it lasts and it works. If you happen to read any reviews where people complain about the texture, it just needs acclimated. At night, I use Bite Agave Lip Mask & first thing in the morning Kopari Coconut Melt to buy some time. Hope that helps!
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  3. Aquaphor every night at bedtime!
    I use it during day too
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  4. Sol de Janeiro - Brazilian Kiss.
    This stuff is amazing. I have an autoimmune disease so my lips are destroyed and even emu oil from the burn ward was useless. I've been using it a week and I only have to apply it 2-3 times a day opposed to almost every half hour with everything else.
  5. La Mer lip balm works for me
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  6. My dermatologist said plain vaseline is the best. She is so right. My lips don't peel anymore. Aquaphore is good too.
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  7. Nuxe lip balm in the pot
    Bite Beauty agave lip balm (haven't tried the squeeze tube yet, some people say that's better)
  8. Aquaphor or Nuxe in the pot
  9. I use aquaphor also. I keep a mini tube in my purse.
  10. Weleda everon
  11. Unfortunately (because it is absurdly expensive...sigh), I've recently discovered the most effective "lip balms" for day wear that I've ever used: By Terry's Baume de Rose Nutri-Couleur, and also By Terry's Sheer Rouge Hydra Balm Plump and Fill lipstick (even though it is technically a lipstick, it is *crazy* hydrating). Both also deliver beautiful sheer lip color, perfect for a natural day look. And then once a week I use Bliss Fabulips as a lip exfoliation/hydration treatment. My lips have never been softer and smoother...and I usually suffer from *extremely* dry, chapped lips, especially as the weather starts to get cooler.
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    1a) Original Carmex (squeeze tube or tin--I prefer the squeeze tube). They reformulated the Canada version and removed the phenol, which I prefer. There is still some menthol and camphor in it, however, so depending on how sensitive chapped lips are, they might mildly irritate. The US version might still have the phenol.

    1b) Jack Black (in the blue squeeze tube.) This is 1b because it's pricier but performs similarly as well as the Carmex.

    2) Burt's Bees VANILLA lip balm in the tube. This one is actually my favorite because while it isn't as moisturizing as the above two, it lets my lips "breathe" while moisturizing.

    Only the Vanilla version. The others are not as moisturizing, or they contain the peppermint that irritates and flakes my lips.

    ***They all have lanolin, which my lips seem to love.***

    Pure Vaseline is so moisturizing, it actually macerates the skin on my lips, causing them to peel and dry out.

    My daily facial moisturizer is Cerave lotion - I make sure to apply it onto my lips morning and night with the rest of the face so they get the ceramide boost.

    Lastly, this is an AMAZINGLY sheer-moderate range of nude lipsticks from Estee Lauder: the discontinuing Estee Edit Barest lipsticks. Some of the colors are sold out.

    I stocked up on "In The Flesh" and "Bare Beige". It is incredibly moisturizing (I imagine it's the lanolin and ceramide in it.)
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  13. Norwegian formula or Palmers lip balm. Both have spf and never been sunburnt from which I can't say for vaseline or nivea (even spf included)
  14. Another vote for good-old Carmex, and secondly Black Jack.

    I also love Bite Beauty’s Agave Lip Mask, but it doesn’t “soak” in...just keep lips super hydrated on the surface so I find that’s better for day. If I wore it at night it would end up all over the pillow!
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  15. Have you tried Dior Addict color reviver lip balm?
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