Ballon Bleu or Love? What would you rather....?

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  1. I keep going back to the fact that you already have a Roadster - you really have the Cartier watch box checked!! Love Love Love!!!
  2. Ladies/Fellow Cartier Lovers - As I've said before, your opinions mean a lot to me. I'm still torn, so I am going to take the weekend to think about it. One of the posters mentioned that since DH gave me the watch for our 10 year, that should be the one that's always on me. Plus I have been losing sleep over this decision (absolutely ridiculous, I know - much bigger issues in the world) feeling unsettled, etc., so I think it's a sign to hold off a bit and really take my time.

    That being said CARTIER NEEDS TO STOP WITH THE FREQUENT PRICE INCREASES!!!!! :rant: Who can possibly keep up?

    We are headed to NYC for the weekend to visit family and friends so I'm going to see what I come across in some vintage stores as far as the Love bracelet goes. Wish me luck. If anyone has any good stores/booths to suggest on Jeweler's Row in the Diamond District, let me know.

    Enjoy your weekend!
  3. LOL i'm just comparing apples to oranges like we are all doing in this thread:P
  4. ***UPDATE***

    I decided!

    It was a hard decision, but I based my decision on this: I want the bracelet to come from my hubby and I would rather have it brand-new from cartier so I don't have any worries. The more I did my research online for a pre-loved Love, I was starting to get scared. I'm sure there are many reputable sellers out there, but I don't want to take a chance on the internet. I would rather see them in-person (plus I don't think my jeweler's price on used is very good) Soooo.....

    I took my gold in to my jeweler - all old or broken pieces accumulated through the years from boyfriends past, most of which has very unhappy memories attached to it from on in particular that broke my heart. I haven't worn any or it or looked at any or it in years. None of it is my style anyway. Much to my delight, it payed out quite a bit. Plus my jeweler gave me an additional 50% of that amount to put toward a store enticing, right? With that, I have enough get the BB without having to dip much into my own wallet. I also got 10% off the watch and no sales tax.

    HELLO BALLON BLEU!!!!!! I will now have both Cartier pieces I love. The Roadster, from DH, which will be my beloved, every day watch that will be on me most of the time, and the BB. Two totally different shapes and feels.

    Now I will start saving for the LOVE. It will take me years and I'm sure the price increases will out-pace our saving up for it....maybe for our 15 year anniversary.

    Thanks again for all of your help. Lanasyogamama.....please don't be disappointed. :smile:
  5. Yay!!!!!!!!!! Pics plz!
  6. I don't have the watch yet. It's on order, so stay tuned. I hope it will be in soon. Thanks for your excitement, ame!
  7. How could I be disappointed? I love the BB!!!

    I can't wait to see it.
  8. Congratulations! I think you made the right decision. I would be very very leery of buying a preowned Love. There are so many amazing replicas out there there days. It actually amazes me how many people even buy preowned designer bags/jewelry from Ebay and resellers. If I am going to spend thousands of dollars on an item I would want to make sure it's the real thing!
  9. Great choice. I have one too. Did you get the medium automatic? Enjoy!
  10. You definitely made the right choice!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE mine so much!! Show us pics when you get it!!
  11. **UPDATE**

    Why does this stuff always happen to me? Ugh!!!

    So the watch came in today and I went to the jeweler to pick it up. All the while I have my 10 month old with me who decided to be a screamer today. Needless to say, I couldn't concentrate or think due to said screaming. I was just going to get the links taken out and be on my way....

    Well....while the SA was taking care of paperwork and trying to figure out an adjustment he owed me (he charged me sales tax and prior to the deal, we worked out that there would be NO SALES TAX - thank goodness I looked at the receipt), I started taking a really good, long look at the watch. I am a perfectionist so I expect a $5k watch to be perfect. There was an abrasion on the side of the crystal that I could see with my bare eyes and could feel with my finger nail. There was no way I was walking out of the store with that watch. He tried to act like he didn't see it - even with a loupe. He was clearly annoyed with me and the screaming 10 month old.

    For a split second I was just going to take it and be on my way. But the more I thought about it, I made him order me another one.

    About half an hour after I left he called me to apologize and said that his watch guy saw the problem clear as day. They ordered me another watch and it will be in next week.

    I'm bummed I don't have it on my wrist right now, but better this than leaving the store and seeing it when I get home.

    They better not be pulling a fast one on me and trying to fix the crystal...I can't imagine that would even work. I wish I had written down the serial number of the first one so I knew it was a different watch. Oh well.

    I'll keep you guys posted. But again, why does stupid stuff like this always happen to me? :cursing:
  12. Good for you! And good thinking for writing down the serial number. This stuff happens to all of us unfortunately. I'm so totally lurking this thread for your pics when you finally get your watch. :cool:
  13. Ugh, what a disappointment. I am sorry you didn't get to wear it home, but it will all work out in the long run.
  14. I hope so. Now my OCD is going into overdrive with, "what if the next one is damaged too?", "is this on the up and up?", "how could Cartier even release a watch with a nick in it like that?", etc...

    I guess some things simply get past quality control. I still want to know where jewelers that are not authorized dealers get their stuff.

    All I can do is keep in mind that I'm working with the most reputable jeweler in the state (in fact they are the chosen jeweler of The Baltimore Ravens NFL team).

    I really don't know what I'm so worried about....I think it was just a fluke thing. I hope this isn't a bad omen. Ugh!!!!!!
  15. I will post as soon as I get it! I promise. When I had it on today I was so excited then I saw "the problem". Boo....

    Now I have to wait a week. :tdown:
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