Ballon Bleu or Love? What would you rather....?

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  1. lol Ill PM my address ;) :graucho:
  2. This is tough because I'm obsessed with the Ballon Bleu!!! But if you really want the Love bracelet, that's probably the best price you're going to find these days. I can't believe the retail on them now. I got mine last year at this time for 40% less. Criminal!!!
  3. I see it the other way around!
    the love bracelet has the inherent worth of the raw material, my size 20 love has 38 grams of gold which at todays prices is worth around 1800 USD when you take into consideration it is 18k gold. and it just keeps going higher and higher!

    the watch is stainless steel- very inexpensive material, and wheels and movements. the movement itself costs around 150-200 dollars and the rest is the branding etc...

    so for me the bracelet makes more sense because the raw material is worth more, and plus you wear it 24/7 so the cost/wear is less then the watch:biggrin:
  4. Right but unless you sell that bracelet for scrap you won't make what you think. You MIGHT get 500 for that if you sold it.
  5. I just went through a watch VS love debate myself and chose the watch. Like ame said, it is essentially is just a bracelet. Whereas the watch, you are paying for movement and is more "useable" if that makes sense. I rather have a new watch than a used bracelet. And since the BB is Cartier, I'm sure the prices will jump on those just as quickly.
  6. Ugh!!! I'm so confused!

    I see all the points and they are all good ones.

    I'm leaning towards the watch right now, but in a few minutes, I could go back to the bracelet. I need to let it be for a few days. When I think of spending that much on white gold when the marjority of the cost is mark up, it makes me sick. I know it's the same deal with the watch too.

    I have a load of 14k jewelry to sell that I have accumulated through the years from old bfs, etc., that just sits in my jewelry box. Hopefully I will be pleasantly surprised by the sale of that. I have about 80 grams to sell.

    I truly appreciate everyone's opinions and input...they are all good points. :smile:
  7. Yep. In both cases you're paying for the brand. A LOT for the brand. Gold might be high right now, but it's still just a bracelet.
  8. you are right, but if you sold your movement for scrap you would get nuthin! LOL:graucho:
  9. I think in the end you have to just decide which one means more to you, they're both beautiful pieces but obviously different! take a few days to think it out and I bet all of a sudden you'll have your ultimate and final decision:smile:
  10. You wouldn't be really selling a movement for scrap. You'd be selling that as an intact piece.
  11. I've had this dilemna myself and I came to conclusion I would definitely choose the watch. I think Cartier's watches ARE like a piece of jewelry. They are so beautiful and functional! Plus you can always resell the watch so the arguement of resell is moot. Both will retain some value for their name alone. The BB has a bold look too, I think a love bracelet is more subtle. And while I love the look of a love bracelet, I cannot justify it's price. Plus where I live most people don't even know what they are! Also I don't think I would like to wear a piece of jewelry 24/7. Of course I did not end up buying either. I am waiting for them to come out with a Cartier Calibre watch in a mid or ladies size!
  12. I would get the bracelet, basically because I am not interested right now in having a fancy watch, and the idea of a bracelet worn 24/7 really appeals! I guess it comes down to you and the way you subjectively feel towards it! When it comes to choices like this you have to go with your heart.
  13. I'm not sure anyone in their right mind would sell their LOVE for the price of scrap - I know I wouldnt! Like any brand jewellery, you'd always struggle to get full price back if selling but that said, I've seen plenty pre-owned LOVES sell on ebay for more than the price the seller originally paid.

    Btw, I vote the LOVE. :smile:
  14. I think you should get what you love the most. If you like them equally, I think you should get the Love bracelet. The prices for the Love are increasing much faster than the SS watch. I personally am not a fan of the all SS BB, but I love the SS/Pink Gold version.
  15. I had this debate when I was deciding whether or not I wanted the BB or the Love. I had been wanting the BB for a long time, much longer than the Love. I felt the price for the BB would be better to swallow because it is a watch and it serves more of a "function" (aka telling time, etc.) than a bracelet can. But in the end, I realized that 1. I already had a watch that I loved and wore everyday and 2. Nowadays it's not always about function or practicality but what I wanted and liked.

    In the end, I chose the Love bracelet. . it is just such a unique piece of jewelry - I don't know anything else that is screwed on you to wear for 24/7. I never have regretted the decision and admire my bracelet daily!
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