Ballon Bleu or Love? What would you rather....?

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  1. Hello fellow members of tPF. I need some opinions and help in making a decision. My DH gifted me with a Cartier Roadster I have been lusting over for the past 10+ years for our 10 year wedding anniversary a few months ago. However, at the time of getting the watch, I tried on the midsize S/S Ballon Bleu and fell in love with that watch too. I decided to go with my gut and stick with what I wanted for years - plus the BB not having the date on the midsize is what ultimately made the decision for me to go with the Roadster.

    I love my new watch and am now obsessed with all things Cartier. I keep thinking about the BB, as well as a white gold LOVE bracelet. However, I'd have to buy the Love pre-owned. The price has gone up soooo much, I can't justify close to $6k on a bangle (kicking myself I never bought one years ago, but I guess it's all relative). The best my jeweler can do on a pre-owned these days is $4,600. I know it's an investment and I will love it forever, but still.... Ouch! He had one 2 months ago for $3500 but it sold and he can no longer get them at that price due to not only the Cartier price increase but also the price of gold sky-rocketing. He is a personal friend, so I know he is trying to do the best he can for me.

    That being said, he will sell me the BB for the same price...brand new (and he works at an AD). To me, the watch is a bit easier to swallow for some reason. I have a lot of Yurman I wear so it's not like my wrists are bare.

    The other choice is to do nothing and just save my money! That would be the sensible thing to do. ;)

    So what would YOU do? The BB so I have another watch in rotation or the Love? Thank you!
  2. I'd rather the Love bracelet. You can't wear two watches at the same time, but you could wear your Love every day for the rest of your life.

    Good luck with your choice!!! I am also completely Cartier obsessed.
  3. Lanasyogamama - I admire your avatar on a daily basis! Thanks for the input...I hadn't thought of it that way. I don't know why I'm having so much trouble with the price of the bangle, yet I'd pay that for the watch. I will literally lose sleep over this decision. Haaahaaa!
  4. I would choose the BB. :smile: because if it were the same price, i feel it is more worth it to buy a watch. Hehe.
  5. I wanted the roadster for over 6 years and when I went to buy it the midsize BB caught my eye so I bought the midsize ballon bleu and am in LOVE! The roadster didnt look that good on me. I thought I wanted the LOVE bangle too at one point but couldn't justify the price of the bangle. I too have a ton of yurman and it looks amazing with the watch! I would get the BB hands down! Good luck!
  6. Uh there's no contest: BALLON BLEU.
  7. I'm very fortunate as I have the medium automatic ss ballon bleu and the WG Love bangle. I also am fortunate because I got the WG bangle 3 years ago when it was under $5000. I think the increases on the bangle are greater and more frequent than the watch. So I would do the Love before it is over $7,000. I agree with the poster that wrote you can't wear 2 watches at once. I have a roadster too with a pink face! Good luck with your decision and enjoy!
  8. I am seriuosly BOGGLED by the fact that a BRACELET that does nothing but look pretty costs over 5K. At least the watch works and tells time.
  9. I love this comment. It's an excellent point, ame.

    I am leaning more towards the watch, but the point about investing in a the bangle is a good one before it gets way out of reach.

    Then again, I still have issue with paying even $4600 for a bangle (although I really, really, really, really, reallllllly want one). :P

    I do love my roadster. Maybe I should just put the money in the bank and be happy with what I have!!!
  10. See if you can find a preowned bracelet. I think Israel Rose's site has some right now.

    But if you like your current watch, I'd save the money!
  11. ...or do a girl a super nice gesture and buy ME a ballon bleu.
  12. I am trying to find a pre-owned and they are going for $4600...that's my dilema...I'd rather have a brand-new watch. I have never heard of this site so I'm going to take a look. Thank you so much for the tip and I will report back!
  13. I'd love to!!!!! :smile:
  14. I would get the Love bracelet. I am a sentimental girl and would never wear any watch but the watch my hubby gave me for a tenth anniversary.
  15. I would go for the Love first - you already have a gorgeous watch!
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