Ballon Bleu or Love? What would you rather....?

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  1. Ok BaltimoreJenny, it's been a week. What's the scoop? :graucho: :P
  2. Hello Patient People!

    My watch came in yesterday and I love it! As one poster said, it would all work out in the end. The watch that came in to replace the damaged one was an AUTOMATIC. :smile: I had ordered a quartz due to the price and when I opened the box, I just about passed out when I saw it was an automatic. I am so happy. I have no idea if they noticed or knew the difference between the quartz and automatic. So someone was on my side and made a nice mistake in my favor. I got the automatic at the quartz price, plus a discount. It really is too good to be true so I'm waiting for the "other shoe" to drop.

    Thank you for all of you input. I am very happy with my decision based on the money I had to work with. A few years down the road, I hope to aquire a love bracelet. Many, many, many years......

    I also took a picture of my two pieces together. I think I'm on a major freeze for any more goodies for quite some time. :graucho:

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  3. I just noticed my pictures showed up sideways. I will fix that when I have a minute and repost by tonight. I had to do a quick post with my iphone.
  4. Gorgeous!!!!!
  5. Congrats on your gorgeous BB! love both of your watches!
  6. god I love the ballon bleu, it's so beautiful!!
  7. Wow - that's a great deal and I love it!! Looks awesome!
  8. Simply stunning! Is it a 2 tone or SS?
  9. Thank you, Everyone, for your happy thoughts and love! I am so happy with it. And I still can't believe I wound up with the automatic.

    PrincessLil - it's S/S. I have to say in the store I saw a white gold one with diamonds all around the bezel. I died...after I drooled. :drool:

    When I went to get the Roadster, which I thought was the end-all-be-all of watches, I tried the BB on for fun and it has been haunting me ever since...calling to me. I had to scratch the itch!!!
  10. Gorgeous! Congrats and enjoy it!
  11. OMG! That is AWESOME!!!!! I'm delighted for you. Enjoy.
  12. Lanasyogamama...thank you so much. You are an enabler for sure! LOL! :smile: All because of YOUR avatar did the desire for a BB not leave me! And I can't thank you enough...I am over the moon. I feel like I have two very practical watches for various occasions, looks, etc. I appreciate your feedback and help.

    I had no idea how much happier I am with the automatic, btw. I never noticed that the quartz did not have the second hand before I got the watch yesterday. Now I see why so many members prefer the automatic. I guess it was meant to be.

    Enjoy your weekend.
  13. You'll love it more with each wear. It's really the perfect piece - timeless and beautiful. Congratulations!
  14. The second hand is awesome, I love watching it move.

  15. NICE! Score for the automatic too! Yay!!! :woohoo:
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