Bag abuser!!!

  1. I just wanted to gripe. At lunch today, I saw a lady carrying the large Ergo hobo in the vintage natural leather. I admired its beauty as I was in line to order my food, wishing I could afford one. Horror of horrors, I walked by her again when I was leaving, and saw that she had it tossed on the floor behind her, wide open, practically in the middle of a walkway where anyone could have stepped on it (or taken it) and who knows what grossness is living on that floor. Hey lady - if you're reading this - give that bag to me if you don't care about it!

  2. You are too cute, I also feel real sad when I see a Coach bag being abused.
  3. Ditto!!
  4. Augh thats terrible!! How can someone spend that kind of money on a bag and treat it like that! O_O
  5. :wtf: It amazes me what people will do with their bags. I would never do that to a $10 bag yet alone that! Are you sure it was real though? I mean i know people who put their expensive bags on the ground :sweatdrop: but, it makes more sense if it was a fake(:cursing:).
  6. I was standing pretty close to sure looked real from where I was standing. If I could have touched it, I would have! :p
  7. lol. I can totally relate. I work with a woman who abuses her Coach and other designer bags.
    She frequently purchases new bags and goes through her $$$ bags like .99 cent under pants!!:nuts:
  8. Yikes!!!. I treat mine like babies.. almost anal about it.
  9. You should have taken off a shoe and beaten her with it! ARRRGH!! No class, no class at all!!
  10. :yes: Hey Sunny freckles, I love your avitar Picture, Too Cool!!!:supacool:
  11. I admit, I've been a bag abuser in the past. I think because I didn't value the bag then (Black leather hobo that I got at the outlet for $100). I've put it down in movie theatres, on the floor at work, etc. Until I remembered (and saw on Oprah) how many germs you get by doing that (and I'm borderline germaphobic). :push:

  12. I hear ya - I am so anal with mine that people around me won't come anywhere near my bags for fear of getting dirt on it or something. If my husband happens to pick my bag up to move it, he is ever so gentle as not to disturb anything. :lol:
  13. OMG, I was about to start a similar post. I see a woman on my train sometimes who has the same tobacco Mia (Soho) Braided Satchel that I have. But she puts hers on the floor, she sits with her arms crushing it so that it basically doesn't retain it's shape. It's so scratched up and dirty. It was killing me! - And the sad thing is, it was seeing her bag originally that prompted me to buy mine.
  14. I used to toss around my purses before. BUT they were super cheap bags. No more than $20! NOW, there's no way I would leave my baby on the floor or alone anywhere!!
  15. I will confess...I was a purse abuser. I would go to soccer and throw it in the grass...throw it in the backseat of my car...throw it on the floor of the tanning place, until I started giving them to my sister in law when I bought new ones. Now she looks at me like "hey that's my future careful!" ;) So I have started making sure I keep them nice and pretty for her.