Back from's the Chanel haul

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  1. LOVE the bag!
  2. woohoo gorgeous!!
  3. I just received the same bag today from Saks in San Antonio via Wendy a most fabulous SA. This is a very beautiful bag and the color is not really white, it has a grey tone to it, as stated earlier by LambLovesChanel. In fact over the phone Wendy described it to me as a dove grey. The leather although it looks like caviar is called vintage and it is very, very soft. The dark chain and clasp make a nice contrast to the light and almost delicate feeling leather. This is a great variation to the flap style.....I love it.....although prices seem to just keep going up.
  4. Thanks pattihansen,

    I didn't know the leather was called is incredibly soft though, I'm glad you love yours too!!!
  5. How did I originally miss this thread? Wow!!!!!
  6. So then it's not the "usual" Chanel white? It sounds even prettier, soft soft grey with that silver.
    I've got to get to the boutique NOW! :yahoo:
  7. Fabulous haul, congrats!
  8. To me it is white, but a greyish white. I wouldn't call it grey.
  9. Congrats! I like everything! Enjoy!
  10. I love the white bag!!!Especially the chains!!! Congrats!!!!!!!!!!1
  11. I love the first pair of earrings! How much are they?
  12. OMG, love all the goodies you bought ... especially that white reissue with the new chain! Simply gorgeous!:drool::drool: We're going to Las Vegas next month but I doubt I can bring back a 'haul' like that ... oh well, I can always just drool over the gorgeous bags! LOL
  13. Holy haul Batgirl! That's an amazing haul!:nuts:
  14. Hi!

    They were $330....they're a nice size too, larger than the typical CC post earrings. They also come in a darker shade (darker crystals), and I also just saw them in a hoop style too, the CC the same size as mine - but they hang from a small gold hoop.
  15. That white flap is TDF! I love it with the mademoiselle lock!