Back from's the Chanel haul

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  1. OMG, I absolutely LOVE the bag in white with that silver, and I don't usually care for silver! Stunning!!! (Says to self: rethink silver):yes:
    The bracelets are darling too. If it's not too much trouble, please tell me the size of the bracelets...either circumference of the inside of the bracelet, or the diameter of the inside of the bracelet? I ask because I have a very small wrist (at least when it comes to costume jewelry) and round bracelets tend to fall right off on me. Thanks so much and enjoy!
  2. i luv the bracelets, how much were they AND are they still available?
  3. love, love, love them all! great haul!!
  4. CONGRATS on your gorgeous new bag and accessories!
  5. Stunning haul!!
  6. wow! you have alot of great stuff!! enjoy!
  7. love the new chain! all your new things are wonderful!
  8. LOVE everything esp the bracelets!!!
  9. congrats! They are all beautiful!
  10. Wow, your stuff is lovely!! I'm in love with your earrings with butterflies and bag and bracialets... wow!! :hearts:
  11. Love the flap, earrings, sunglasses, well everything. Congrats on your gorgeous loot!
  12. Everything is gorgeous! Congrats!!
  13. Bag is TDF!
  14. i love those earrings in the first pic!! :love: so beautiful!! congratz on your haul!! wonderful!! :yes:
  15. Wow!!! You got an amazing haul!