Back from's the Chanel haul

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  1. Holy Heartbeat!!! gorgy
    you did great!
  2. Wow...great haul!!!!!!!!!! LOVE the white classic flap with the reissue lock!!!!!!! :heart: :heart:

  3. Wow... wow.. everything looks great. what a trip. LOVE the white reissue in caviar leather!
  4. :heart::yes::yahoo:OMG
    I MUST have that BAG!!!!!! I love it; please enjoy it for all of us!!!! :tup:
  5. congrats! must go to vegas now...
  6. congrats! don't you just loooove Vegas? I absolutely love your new sunglasses and bag! simply gorgeous!
  7. I don't find the chain really heavy, but it does have some weight to it.....I don't like heavy bags, and this one feels good to me. The caviar leather on this bag is so soft, not like on my Jumbo...not sure why the caviar feels different, but I like it better. I don't think it's shiney, def more on the matte side.

    It's def not a bright stark white, it's a white with a touch of grey in to me, this makes it a year round bag :yes:
  8. The bracelets are the exact same size as the LV inclusion bracelets (if you are familiar with them). If not, I have measured the outside of the bracelet at 9 and 1/2 inches, the bracelet is not very thick, so it's approximate. HTH :yes:
  9. I got the bracelets several weeks ago, but they are still available. I saw a few at the Wynn in Las Vegas. I believe they were $365 each? Something like that...they come in wider styles too, and also in gold metal.

    I can scare up a picture if you'd like to see them, just let me know ;)
  10. i saw that white reissue irl and it is soooo soft!!
  11. Awesome buys!!! They are all TDF, I love Vegas purely because of their shopping and lights at night. Glad to see you had a great time.
  12. Gorgeous!!! I love every single piece, congrats & enjoy. =)
  13. I love the idea of being able to wear that bag all year round...I was wondering if you live where it gets cold enough to snow? I definitely see it being all year round in places like California, Florida, Arizona,etc. but wonder about really northern climates?
    I definitely have to check out those bracelets...
    Thank you for the info. I'm a sucker for anything in French :yahoo:. I've never bothered to look at the Chanel jewelry before. What was I thinking...I obviously was not thinking!
  14. love all your purchases :heart:
  15. Hi!

    I live in Northern NJ, and we totally get cold and snowy winters. I don't like buying bags that can only be worn in the summer, yet I love white. So when I saw this white, that's a kind of greyish white - I know I can wear this year round, as well as all summer long :yahoo: