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  1. I LOVE that baby paddy mona! The hardware, the liliac.....gorgeous.:drool:
  2. Hi - I am still on my baby paddy quest and I am enquiring about a 'jaune' one at the moment! qwerty234 has hers posted here but doesn't think it shows the true colour? Can anyone (qwerty234 in particular!!) comment on the colour IRL? Is it more yellowy than tanny (the seller has listed it as jaune(tan))?? Is it quite a vibrant yellow, or muted, but definately yellow?? Any help would be appreciated as it seems a difficult colour to capture on film.
    Many thanks, mere girl x
  3. I remember another photo mica had - it had a real mustard earthy yellow, very divine. I hate yellow but i would buy this colour given the choice. Its really amazing.
  4. thank you for your comment...I'm not a 'yellow' fan in particular but this does seem very pretty? I'll have a trawl thru the threads and see if I can find some more pics..thanks!!
  5. i have a question. i remember i've seen the baby paddington with strap BUT it has the original shape. or did i imagine it?
    is this the only "baby paddington w strap" style?
    (borrowed pic from a TPFer)
    or there is the bag i talked about. the original shape, w STRAP? like the regular paddington that came w strap/
    thank you! i NEED to find that bag if it exists
  6. Did this thread die? Nobody puts baby in the corner...
    Here's mine: [​IMG][/IMG]
  7. Don't know if the thread died but your bag sure is pretty. Enjoy her.
  8. Thank you! :smile:
  9. That's a beautiful bag Serina! I just bought a baby Paddington in elephant ... now just waiting patiently for it to arrive.
  10. I am a complete Chloe novice. I do know i like the Paddington but it is far to big and heavy but i really like the baby Paddington.
    Now, maybe a stupid question but are there differences between the old / new ones ? Some appear (im looking on ebay) to have shorter / longer handles or maybe its just the angle the picture has been taken.

    Guidence would be greatfully received !
  11. Hi guys, I have bought a paddington bag, seller said its authentic but the bag does not have a heat stamp, is it possible that an authentic Chloe paddington baby or mini does not have a heatstamp?
    Thank you very much in advance!
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