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  1. Hi everyone! My favourite paddy style is the baby paddy (I'm 5'2" and tiny :shame:smile:... I have one in metallic aubergine, but after seeing the yummy yummy mais baby paddy in a recent thread I'm thinking of getting another one in a light colour, hmm.........

    Anyways I thought it'd be nice to have a thread for baby paddy owners to showcase their lovely little babies :cutesy:... and I really wanna see all the lovely colours the baby size came in!

    Here's my aubergine baby...

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  2. Very good idea :yes: Unfortunately I haven't yet a baby paddi but I'd like to get one in muscade or ivory. It's hard to get here...but maybe I'll get my chance...:smile:
  3. this is my baby silver(argent) paddy

  4. I'm honoured to be part of this wonderful club!!!
    Good idea annettedp!! This thread is great!! Baby Paddiys deserve this, because they are sooooooo cute!!!! :love:
  5. Thanks modema!! :biggrin: I love your muscade baby, it's adorable!!

    Scottie - the argent leather looks so amazing in that pic...! and the paddy is so cute with the tPF keyring! :tender:
  6. Some baby paddy pics I found from the 'Celebs and their Chloes' thread...

    Ashlee Simpson


    Diane Kruger
  7. annettedp and Scottie, i LOVE you girls' baby paddy's!! I especially like how the metallic leather contrasts with the silver hardware :love: *sigh* I'm still trying to track one down :crybaby:
  8. my beloved mais baby paddy!:yahoo: I love showing her off!! haha!:graucho:
    Picture5 chloe.jpg

    i have a question though..dunno whehter i can ask it in this thread..but..

    where do you ladies who own the baby paddy keep the key? I find it quite long just dangling down!!:confused1:
  9. my babies in my avatar
  10. ahhh gorgeous piccies. I adore the baby, I used to have the baby loaf and it was such a great bag, and you can fit a whole lot more in than you would think :smile:
  11. Here is my baby paddy :love:

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  12. Thanks for starting this really cool thread Annette. Great idea. Here's my contribution - baby Paddy in Metallic Bleu Nuit with black hardware:

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  13. :tender:i luvvv all your babies!!!!!

    fennelcake - i do keep mine dangling on the bag... i think it's not too long if the leather ribbon hangs there in equal halves. but if it still bugs you then maybe you can leave the key at home? i never unlock the padlock to get in and out of the bag anyway, so usually the key is just there to make the bag look nice!
  14. hey chloe i love this colour!! Is it Gazelle?

    ahhh and i saw this light grey baby paddy with silver hardware at the chloe store today... looks so perfect for summer :heart::heart::heart:
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