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  1. I'm positive it will - it's kind of pre-worn, you'll never be able to tell if you bump or mark it I don't think. I need some silver hardware!:P
  2. I could do with a silver HW baby paddy!
  3. I love the silver version of the paddy hardware - the fact that it is already distressed, and won't look any worse over time - the brass tends to show it's age/use...

    The leather color combinations with the silver a lovely too...
  4. Hi - I love the pics of all your babies - they are so beautiful! - I want to join the club!
    I see a couple of you have the painted hardware - I was looking at a black baby paddy (from 07) which had brown hardware - how does this stand up to wear? I like the look of it, and believe it's lighter, but will it look ok after a few knocks?
    Thank you!
  5. ^I think painted hw gets chipped as well...
  6. I am a sucker for small leather goods, but i have learnt that all these small purchases add up in the end and prevent me from saving up and getting the bags that i really want...
  7. yes I agree - that is exactly what I thought too!
  8. ^This is what i think, but not what i do... Small goods are so tempting and affordable that it is really hard not to impulse-buy them...
    I do get a lot of pleasure out of using them, though...
  9. ^We are not interested in replicas here
  10. ^I am not going bananas... a dodgy post by a troll to which i was replying to has been deleted... well done, mods!
  11. You, vivi, lucky girl! Two babys with silver hardware :nuts:...
  12. My newest addition to the baby club..Rosewood baby....


    Attached Files:

  13. so so cute - congratulations! I'm still looking...although I really shouldn't be!
    Beautiful colour BTW ...really stunning bag :drool:
  14. Love that rosewood baby paddy mona_danya, its gorgeous!! Vivi we are bag twins (07 gallet baby paddy) - I knew you wouldn't be able to stop at one as they are just so adorable!! Congrats to you both!! :yahoo:
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