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  1. Just bumping this thread to announce that a Black Ant with Silver Hardware turned up on my doorstep today:woohoo:

    It's like the ones Bayley & Alycat are referring to at the top of the page - outlet version with silver hardware and waxed NVT leather.

    At long last my attempts to get one have paid off - I don't mind the fact it hasn't got the front pocket, as the silver hardware was more desirable for me I think

    Will get around to posting some pics, but DH is despairing - took some dodgy modelling pics of me for something I'm selling on Ebay (I look like a flasher!!) and is refusing any more today!

  2. Just seen the photos :lolots:
  3. Oh - of me doing an impression of the 'dirty mac brigade' - I know. Got 5 watchers already, though suspect they're some mates taking the **** ??
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