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  1. Oh Bayley that's exactly the version I have. When I ordered it from Shepton I didn't realise that it had the waxed backing, and I must confess I was a bit lukewarm about it at first. He's really grown on me now though - hope you love yours, and hurry back Phoebe!
  2. aly i am thinking the waxed bit relates to the inside as it hasn't got the natural leather finish but the outside is just the same as nvt -i think i prefer this especially on the messenger style as i generally use my vip liner to keep my interiors clean but of course ant insn't vip friendly lol
  3. Yep, I too think the waxed bit refers to the inside - like you say, quite practical actually :tup:
  4. :tup:lovin ant
  5. Bayley, my choc Antony is the same leather as yours. I, too, wasn't sure about the waxed interior at first but I think it will be good in the long run.

    I hope Phoebe returns to you soon!
  6. I think it is time to revive this thread as I feel like it has been/is Antony fever on the forum at the mo.

    Ginger Small Antony

    Burgundy Small Antony with Silver Hardware

    I also have one in Black but haven't had a chance to take a pic yet.
  7. Oh Stefy, thanks for bumping this thead, I didn't know it existed.
  8. Your Welcome :biggrin:

    Just gone through the whole thread and I am loving the idea of getting an Olive Ant, does anyone own one would love to see piccies?
  9. I guess I belong here....Antony-fever it is!

    Black large, Mustard small and choc. large

    Attached Files:

  10. Kris I love how your cat is getting in on the picture on the one with the mustard Ant lol.
  11. Stefy, love your ginger Antony :smile:
  12. Bexiboo - yes, he likes to be with me...he is too curious not to show up.:amuse:
  13. Thanx Palachan :biggrin:

    Kris your Mustard looks fab on you :biggrin:

    Black Small Antony
  14. I had a bit of a scare with this one. I had it authenticated, bought it, it arrived and I felt confident that it was genuine since it had that amazingly heady smell of Mulberry leather, but when posting pics to get it double checked, one of our resident authenticators had a little issue with it (which made my heart sink). However, after taking further close-up photos, I'm pleased to say our two most experienced authenticators gave it the thumbs up, which I'm delighted about. I'm now on a mission to get one in black and burgundy.

  15. ^^
    Love the Choc Ant Minimouse - you look fantastic! The bag goes really well with your outfit!

    I too have been on a mission to buy a 2nd hand black Ant, but sadly, to no avail as yet - do you know if they did them with silver hardware like my burgundy one?
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