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  1. Wow - that is a gorgeous colour. I know somebody that would love that bag - where are you Flyvetjo? Have you seen this?
  2. Wow, bluecat, again, that is gorgeous! Two lovely new bags! the damson colour is just beautiful!
  3. Mulberry, please make some shoulder bags in antique glace damson!

  4. Hello yes i've seen it!!!! AND i actually saw it IRL at York on saturday and it is gorgeous however with my pink winter coat i think my choc or black Ants work better so I'm resisting temptation!!!!!:angel:
  5. jo i was at the outlet on saturday at about 10.15am xx
  6. I took choc Antony out today and while he may not be the most gorgeous style I've ever seen, I was delighted with his functionality. It fits all my stuff nicely with room to spare and was very comfortable to wear. Rather than edging its way to my front, it stayed in place on my hip while I was pushing the pram. What a brilliant little bag!

  7. I was still on the train then. i must have called into the outlet about 1ish with 2 friends who almost keeled over at the price tag on the Antony's! I got them out quick!
  8. Great - glad he's working out!

    I've used lil black Ant a couple of times too now, and I have to say he's been a revelation. Now don't get me wrong, he doesn't set my heart on fire either (I'm not sure that any messenger style would tbh :shrugs:) but I did find him to be a surprisingly stylish and a very user friendly little thing.

    Overall, really really pleased :tup:
  9. KLP and Aly- glad you are both 'liking' your Antony's. I think it's a chic functional bag! You know i love mine!!!!
  10. Oh rats! tpf keeps crashing on me - I'd just typed out a long reply too :cursing:

    Anyway, thanks Jo. I know you love your babies, and they look fab on you. I see you've updated your sig too. I love to be reminded about what everyone has. My memory isn't what it used to be you know :lol:
  11. ^^that's age for you Aly!!!! tee hee!
  12. i think they are reasonable in price to what they cost online do you agree?:yes:
  13. Absolutely bayley- i think the price is fab, my friends think paying more than £30 for a bag is insane!!!!!!
  14. Cheeky mare :P

    So true though!
    Bayley I also agree that the outlet versions are a great buy. I really don't mind them without the pocket at all. My mum was tempted the other day too, but I think she might faint, even at the outlet price :faint:
  15. ok paying £30 for a bag :rolleyes: but hey it's not going to last the year out imo

    i love ant so much i made a purchase on saturday -one of those omg thats beautful got to have it moments lol

    a black nvt waxed back antony with silver h/ware

    yummy i went from having nothing mulberry in black to obtaining black phoebe (come back soon) abd then little ant -he's soooooo cute and i love the finish

    i have also seen a blenheim that has caught my eye too .......maybe i am still in thougt mode at the moment
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