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  1. With all the Antony purchases recently, how about we have an Antony club for photos?

    At the present time, I only have a Chocolate (pocketed) one but I'm hoping to add an Oak one to my collection soon.

    I presume that these pocketed ones and the outlet ones are same size (exactly the same except the pocket on the front).

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  2. I want one:crybaby:
  3. Now I don't say this often but you MUST get one. They are absolutely fantastic - okay, then don't carry a huge amount but when I'm using this bag I don't want to carry a lot anyway.

    This is the one I always take on days out with hubby and the kids (she came to the Science Museum with us on Sunday) so I only take my phone, purse, lipbalm and tissues.
  4. Ali-B, yes the outlet non pocket one is the same size as the standard one, just without the pocket. They always have a good selection of them at Shepton.
  5. That's what I thought but it looks slightly bigger when it hasn't got the pocket on the front don't you think?

    I'm hoping to get an Oak Antony shortly. My only thing is I prefer it with the cream strap but I think they all have dark brown straps now. You know me - never want something that is easy to get!!!!!
  6. Here, here Ali, totally agree!

    I never thought I'd be the messenger type until I received it and now I've seen the light... Seriously this is a brilliant bag.

    Speaking of which how many colours do we know this comes in?

  7. very useable mulberry bag! i think they look very good in the gun metal (which is the non front pocket)! For some reason i do not suit messengers.
  8. me with my black Antony. I also have a choco one!!!

  9. My choco one had a cream strap Ali but I sent it off to get it changed. The pale straps show all the dirt and get filthy looking quickly!
  10. I've seen them in

    and people who visit the outlets have probably seen some other colours too
  11. Wow I had no idea they came in so many colours - shame I stick to Oak, Choc and Black!
  12. So many colours:heart:
    I will get one soon:tup: Black or choco probably. I did see the gunmetal on one of the catwalk posts, I like that colour as well. I don't carry a lot, so it wood be good for me I think:jammin:
  13. Get one, Get one, Get one!!

    Did that help?
  14. haha :roflmfao:

    It helped me...heaven forbid I buy another Mulberry bag this month...:wtf:

  15. Thanks Jo, that's great, I've got to check out the olive and gunmetal, sounds really nice.

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