Authenticate This Linea Pelle

  1. Yes karolinemk it is worries. Good luck!
  2. I personally vouch for this seller 100%
  3. cool thanks! i really like this style! i wanted to see a closer pic of the bag, but the auction only had those 2 pics....oh well....
  4. if you visit the pictures only thread, there are some pictures of this angie purse, more up close.
  5. Has anyone ever seen a fake LP?
  6. Hi everyone :smile: I am sliding over here from the Hayden Harnett group. I bought a Croco Viola Double Zippy from LP. Up to that point I had only ever owned a bunch of LP belts. Well, I love the bag so much that I jumped at a Turquoise version on the bay with a BIN of $250. It arrived and something just seems off with it. Has anyone EVER seen a fake LP? I really don't think that it is, but something is just off. The lining is silky, but nowhere near as silky as my Viola. Could it be possible that this was a sample or something? I don't know what to do. I love the bag and want to keep it, but I would not have paid that much for a sample IYKWIM. Here is the link, I hope you can access it. The bag is darker than her pics and is more the colour of the stock pics:

  7. Not an expert by any means, but FWIW - when I try to take a pic of my turquoise bag it always comes out very bright blue, like the sellers pictures. In reality, it's much closer in color to the stock picture. The flash makes mine look very different in pictures. HTH a little bit. About the clue.
  8. hi travelmom! nice to see you here :smile: i haven't heard of any fake LP's (yet), so if you feel like it's any different than the viola, then it may be a sample. i have the same one in turquoise and it looks exactly like the one in your link. i have the shoulder viola too and it has the same lining as my turquoise one. if it really bothers you, contact the seller, but it's really a very nice bag (sample or not), so i hope you'd keep it. there's also a sale going on now for holiday crocos on the lp site so they're a lot cheaper but i'm not very familiar with international shipping rates. good luck :smile:
  9. Thanks so much everyone. You've made me feel better about the bag. :tup: Now I just need to figure out if I should say anything to the seller about it possibly being a sample. I just hate it when people don't fully disclose the facts.
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    The zebra linings come in silky or a more cottony blend fabric. I have several with each type. That is not an indication of a Sample. This is an authentication only thread. Your bag is authentic. We have a thread about LP samples and there is an eBay subforum for those discussions, where you may find the input you are looking for.
  11. Thanks Stormy! :tup: