Authenticate This Linea Pelle

  1. Thank you for the response. Are all the Amethyst bags really blue? I am looking for a purple bag and I have seen pics of some LPs that look like the one in this auction does -- a very pretty, vibrant purple. tia
  2. It's a pretty color, but very close to LP's Cobalt. (the auction pics look right on my monitor) The new purple coming out is more a Royal Purple. Alyssa Purple Dawn is a lively Violet. Check photos in the reference thread.
    If you love a blue purple, it's perfect !
  3. I agree - I have never seen one either, and I've never heard of anyone else seeing a fake LP. (I have at least 20 LPs, so I'm a little familiar with them,
    and am always looking for more!)
  4. thanx moogle & leo for confirming & answering my question that i asked awhile back,,, ive yet to see a fake lp,,,
    sugarcane that is my purple bag on eBay by the way,,, & yes the actual color is what you see in the auction,,, in my opinion its as purple as the word purple,,, and it is not a sample or a fake,,,it came straight from lp,,, handles are bendable yet sturdy,,, thanx just thought i would clarify.
  5. Good info! Gorgeous color but as much as I love E/W bags, this style is a bit too long. Droops at one end or the other, or both. Not pretty. :huh:

  6. Both good, and great prices, too !
    Welcome to LP land ! :welcome2:
  7. Thank you Stormy Heart.
    I already lost the first one, but hoping things go my way for the second (the black with the wallet included):smile:

    Will post pictures if I win.
    Thanks again, KC
  8. Yes i have it in white
  9. so is the Alyssa in Tobacco I have that one too.
  10. I am positive this is authentic (the leather is amazing!) but I know nothing about LP. So as a tPFer, I figured I should just check. Plus, I would love any other info you have (even if you just refer me to another thread).

    Double zippy Dylan Croco
  11. Yes, authentic! Do a forum search for "croco" and you'll find lots of posts.