Authenticate This Linea Pelle

  1. Thanks so much, Stormy! The leather is so yummy. Do you know the approximate year this bag came out?
  2. ^well i bought it so i hope its ok! i didnt find it until an hour before the auctioned ended! lol
  3. maybe this is an ignorant question,,, and maybe its got an answer somewhere in the lp forum already,,, but,,,:wtf::wtf::confused1: do they make fake lps???
  4. ^Thanks!:heart:
  5. ^ I think it's crimson, aubergine is more purple.
    I would love this bag as well, it is gorgeous! Congrats, you got an awesome deal

    & just1morebag, I have never seen a fake LP either! I dont think there is such a thing
  6. ^^Thanks leo. I'll post pics when I get it...hopefully, it's in decent shape.
  7. Some are trying to copy LP but haven't yet come close.
    This bag may have the hard (really uncomfortable) handles, so you may want to ask the Seller before bidding. The Holiday season bags and some S/S samples were made with an extra stiff PVC tubing. These will not soften or 'break-in', ever.
    **The color is more blue than purple IRL, not like the gemstone.
    The Long Speedy is a very large E-W bag if that's what you are looking for.