Authenticate This! jewelry or Seller!

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  1. Not sure about this one! The key looks a little off.
  2. There was definitely a 6 stone version. These are so difficult to authenticate from images as the fakes are quite sophisticated. I would take it to Cartier.
  3. Many of the Atlas items were made in Italy at the turn of the century - perhaps it has something to do with the ROMAN numerals!! ;) This item bears the convention mark for Italy - the 750 in the lozenge.

    It doesn't surprise me that it's so much bigger than the more modern versions as gold was particularly cheap at the turn of the century and so designers were able to use more of it. It's no surprise that designers are now concentrating on ultra slim items! I hope this helps!
  4. No!
  5. Gosh! A lot of similar items!

    These are a nightmare to authenticate. Please take to Cartier.
  6. This looks like rubbish to me - sorry.
  7. I'm concerned about 2 things - the finish doesn't look very good and the colour is very white.

    Tiffany silver does not have that glaring white finish. It looks like it might be plated base metal.
  8. There are no red flags for me here. but i agree the second one looks rough!
  9. Oh god I don't know the exact date but they did change sometime in the mid 2000s I think. I think you have to track down a senior archivist at Tiffany for the answer as the sales staff are not paid to know what they used to sell!
  10. no red flags for me
  11. Thank you!
  12. The reason that I ask is that my mother purchased a wedding band back in 2007 as an anniversary present. The other day when we took it into Tiffany to get it sent in to be resized the sales associate in customer service said something along the lines of "oh this must be an old style because I haven't seen this vintage box in a while". I was a bit taken aback because yes it is a retired style ring but even still I brought in the original purchase receipt incase they had trouble looking it up since their database in store only goes back 5 years. When I got home I looked online at ebay and saw that there were several velvet presentation boxes online for sale but wasn't quite sure how to tell the difference between them besides looking at the inside of the box. Hence why I figured I would post this question here and see if anyone happened to know. Thank you so much again !!
  13. Was the sales assistant quite young? 2007 might seem like ages away to a young person!? It's definitely possible that they were still making the gold boxes in 2007.
  14. I honestly dont know. I didn't ask how long she had been working there. I did however call the New York Tiffany store today like you had suggested and spoke with a manager in the wedding band department.

    He was extremely helpful and said that Tiffany will change their presentation boxes every 5-10 years. Most times it is minimal changes that aren't very noticeable. The example that he gave me was imprinting the letter T on their blue boxes. Other changes that are more noticeable, such as my inquiry of the blue velvet and blue satin with gold lettering on the inside of their ring presentation boxes, could have been done sometime around Tiffany's 175 anniversary year as a sort of celebration and re-vamping. In addition to this he said that the stores were told to use up their old inventory of these presentation boxes prior to the newer boxes; so perhaps the boxes really started changing around 2010 but was not fully implemented until a year or two later (sometime prior to Tiffany's anniversary year) when all the stores only received the new boxes and had completely run out of their older boxes.

    I really hope that this information can help someone if they are looking at purchasing a gold or platinum piece of jewelry that might be a few years older.
  15. It's great that someone at Tiffany & Co helped you out! They can be so guarded and some of them don't really know any history. Thanks for sharing!
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