Authenticate This! jewelry or Seller!

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  1. the buyer assures me its real but has no documentation, he said to call cartier and give them the serial number for authentication. The auction looks suss (i mena no reserve and starting at $1) and some of the other item s teh seller has for sale are fake, i.e. versace and armani bracelets which are identicale with differnt logos according to the house. But on the same hand the seller is pretty good feedback etc. and owned a store near me in which this jewlery is also sold at, he offerd me to pop in and try the watch on, (the seller runs a second hand jewlery store) so im confussed right now i mean would a serious bussiness sell fakes? they never say the other designer things are authentic just state the designer in the title this acctually states its authentic.
  2. I wouldn't buy from a seller who sells fake ANYTHING. And yes, business owners deal in fakes; I went to a salon in Miami with a whole display of fake bags in the front counter. I left, I don't ever need a blowout that badly!
  3. I'm not crazy about the face, especially by looking closely at the minute distances. I would pass on this one.
  4. Post any questions of authenticity in this thread please!:tender:
  5. Hi Jazz,

    The watch looks good. It's also a decent price for it considering it's year and retail.
    Just ask him if there are any holes in the case.
  6. Thank you!!! I just asked. Hopefully I'll get a response before the listing ends. Also, I just realized it say's Men/ I'm assuming it will be too big for my taste.:sad:
  7. You probably don't have a mm gauge :lol: ... but you should measure it on your wrist. I have to look at the listing again but I think this is the medium-ish size....between ladies and men's. It's called a small men's but I don't know really any men except for very dainty metrosexual men that wear it. There are a few ladies on the forum that have this size I think.
  8. the air king massures 34 mm (the mens are 36-40) the lady datejust is 26 the datejust medium is 31 and the pearlmaster is 29 the yachtmasrter medium 35mm and the yachtmaste lady 29mm

    all of those are fab on a womans wrist (with the exeption of the mens models but een than a 40 mm submariner can look fab on a woman)

    but you have to know the airking is one of the few models of rolex that is not cronometer certified (but the mechanic is not bad at all and is as accurate as their certified ones it is just that the airking is the cheapest model and cosidered a starter watch
  9. Good price. I know the dealer pretty well, we belong to the same association. They are good people.
  10. unsure looks like a frankenwatch
    -the price seems too good to be true even though it is tudor
    -it is tudor not rolex (tudor is the cheaper line of rolex)
    -therefore no investment at all (as you can see on the price)
    -in order to get that watch to a good standart it will need a check by rolex and that will set you back 500$ roughly
    -the strap has Alot of strecht so you maybe need a new one that will set you bck a few thousands or at least high few hundred (ut i assume the first as it is steel gold)

    i would look for a better one or if you want a cheaper watch in general looking for another brand
  11. Wow! Thanks for the info. It appears you know a lot about Rolex's, can you suggest sellers?
  12. well yes i do know a bit about rolex but unfortunately prefer buying them from the dealer (hasslefree) but if i would ever buy a reowned watch i would definately contact japster ;)
    but one tip it is always important when the watch was last revisioned by rolex (should be done every 5-7 years) casue that can cost a lotta cash and if it was not revisioned then you have to add these costs on top.
    i assume it is your first rolex so why not take the adventure to go to your nearest dealer and gett a brand new one with the dial you love (vor example a salmon one or white one etc)
    rolex are investments and as good as cash. the problem with ebay is that you find a lot of frankenwatches (aftermarked added diamonds wrong bracelet for wrong id number wrong bezel fake dials etc) these can lead to problems with rolex as when you do get the watch revisioned you can they goodby to all parts that changed the id of the watch and rolex will put it back to the original status on your costs of course
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