Authenticate This! jewelry or Seller!

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  1. Sorry, I still don't believe there is enough information in these photos to accurately judge authenticity. We are also asking that only members with at 500+ posts offer authentication opinions.

    Thanks for your understanding.
  2. *shoulder shrugging* message received. Didn't know that life experience goes with numbers of posting, but now I know.


    I am out of here.
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    Sorry you are offended, but this is something that has been discussed for all authentication threads across the forum. There is no way to judge someone's life experience here. We can, however, see what their knowledge is by the number of posts they have made showing a depth of expertise and brand understanding.
  4. In short - Tiffany did produce jewellery in Israel - the stamp is right for 80s/90s.

    I'm finding the gaps between the stones odd - maybe it's just the picture. Might they have been replaced at some point?
  5. Everyone gets so caught up on marks that I think that a lot of people get falsely accused of selling fakes!! The marks - apart from the Cartier signature depend on where the item was manufactured and sold. I'd urge all buyers to become familiar with different countries hallmark systems.

    The link you posted in Ebay was of an item that was originally bought or manufactured in Italy, hence the Italian mark with the star. In the UK we have a different system.

    So, the fact that yours doesn't have the marks you expect with an Italian made item does not mean it's fake - It means it wasn't made in Italy!

    Look at the quality of the manufacturing first and then say "could this be made by Cartier'?
  6. I'm sorry, but I really have to take issue with this. Hallmarking of gold and silver is very strictly controlled and there is a reason people get hung up on it. Items made in a certain country most definitely should have the appropriate marks, especially if made by a company like Cartier, rather than an individual artisan. Hallmarks are also, sadly, very easy to fake.

    Unless you can have an item like this in your hand, weigh it, test it for gold, and evaluate it against known authentic pieces, I think it is nearly impossible to authenticate from photos like this.

    I am very leery of giving a thumbs up (or down) to a very expensive piece like this. Reputations and high dollar amounts are really on the line.
  7. Exactly what I'm saying. The marks for one country should not be expected on another country's merchandise!!!

    And because they're easy to fake you need to consider more highly, the quality of the craftsmanship to hand!

    I really take issue with what you've said, primarily because you contradict yourself!
  8. I'm not contradicting myself at all - I'm saying it's impossible to determine authenticity based on the information provided. And that saying "judge based on the level of quality of craftsmanship" ... from a photo, is not a realistic goal.

    Frankly, it is not helpful to buyers or sellers to be giving information as you have. Unless you have handled - in person - a lot of authentic items how are you going to be able to even tell the level of craftsmanship you should be looking for?

    Metal pieces are EASILY faked ... that's why a good appraiser of fine jewelry must have the piece in hand - to weigh it, test the metal and assay the stones. I've been handling vintage jewelry for over 20 years and with the exception of some costume designers I know very very well, it's one of the few things I would absolutely not hazard an authentication opinion based on photos alone.
  9. And of course it's important to have things in your hand - but even then people make mistakes and it's simply not true that you can't tell anything from a photo! If you couldn't why would this forum exist?

    You can never say 100% that anything is real or not from an image but you can sometimes see red flags. You can also tell quite a lot about the quality of the finish and that tells you quite a bit about the likelihood of something being real or not.

    I think I can tell rather a lot from a photograph.
  10. Please feel free to PM me if you wish to continue this discussion; in fact, we are asking that all members venturing authentication opinions have at least 500 posts that demonstrate significant understanding of the items being authenticated. So it would be appreciated if you could also take note of that.
  11. OMG! Do you know how you're coming across? - I've just been PM'd about it.

    It's sounding quite rude to be honest.

    If you'd care to look over the last 10 months or so I have been diligently and honestly giving feedback as a professional. I have engaged with the highest level of ethical practice every single time and have participated almost every day to give this forum - which I am not paid to work for - full and educational content.

    Please feel free to review every single one of my postings and then tell me I need 500 to carry on!
  12. There has been a lengthy discussion of authentication threads in the Ebay forum. It was decided a little while ago that people offering opinions in all authentication threads should have a minimum of 500 posts. It's not personally directed at you.

    Again, please feel free to PM me to discuss this further; additional posts on this in this thread will be deleted as it's not the place to have this discussion.

    Thanks again for your understanding.
  13. Just to clarify....bloomsburymanor has not authenticated this item, just merely answered my concerns re hallmarks?
  14. Bloomsbury manor-

    Mistikat is one of our moderators. She is not "competition". We have had a new rule implemented that people who choose to help authenticate need 500 posts. This is to ensure that people who are weighing in on such important opinions really get a chance to know our forums, the regular members, etc. And to show all of us members that you (general you) know what you';re talking about in relation to the brands/ items. This is a rule that started in our handbag sections and sems to make a lot of sense across the board. We are still undecided on what to do about this thread in general and which rules to uphold. Working out those kinks now.

    To be honest, this thread has been a bit of trouble for us lately because we've had members come and give authentication responses on items with very little info. It's worrisome to say the least. We want this to be a safe place for our members and any newbies wondering in here with requets. Not everyone is internet savy and knows to take feedback with a grain of salt.

    Anyway, that's the gist of it. Just wanted to explain where Mistikat is coming from.
  15. Thanks, Littlerock. I am in and out of (real life) meetings and appreciate you taking the time to provide some additional context on why we are reviewing the jewelry authentication issue.
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