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    Hi again,
    thank you for your help the other day, would you be able to authenticate these 3 items for me? All have been bought on eBay recently, the dog tag and RTT key ring were for next to nothing so I haven't lost much if they are fake, and the necklace was VERY reasonable too :biggrin: - there is a tiny hallmark above the 'Y' which I only noticed when zooming in on the photo - I haven't seen this on any of my other pieces?

    Thanks in advance guys, Jo x :biggrin:
  2. Hi there, just as an aside, looking at their completed listings they have sold one item (an 'I love you' small tag necklace) for more than the price on the Tiffany UK website!! This confuses me a lot lol :wtf: Jo x
  3. Yeah, I don't know why people would do that! Maybe because it's easier to get things shipped from a UK seller on eBay, to another European country that might not ship to, and the local store doesn't stock? Yikes.

    I have seen that generally, the prices they list for items still in stock at Tiffany are just about (or barely below) retail...not worth it! Items that aren't in stock anymore on Tiffany, for instance the 20mm bean, or the beans with the signature on the back, are still a decent deal. Lower than corresponding retail, and available polished and apparently authentic!
  4. All look authentic to me. I am not sure what the marking means above the 'Y', I can't really make it out clearly but the tag looks authentic nonetheless.
  5. Thankyou!! This makes me really happy:biggrin:

    I have added another picture where it is clearer, I can now see it says T & C just at the top left of the 'N' of Tiffany, then what could be a lion then 925 and I can't make out the last symbol, I thought it was a scratch at first until I zoomed in and saw it was a hallmark! Jo x :biggrin:
  6. This is a british hallmark, a legal requirement for silver over the weight of 7.7 grams. Definitely authentic :smile:
  7. Thankyou both for your replies :biggrin:, could either of you take a look at this RTT heart, it has been at the bottom of my jewellery box for a couple of years as I took one look at it and thought it was fake, it came attached to a sterling silver bracelet that was NOT Tiffany and I removed it and just wore the bracelet. So as I have the camera out, thought I may just as well find out...,

    Thanks in advance girls, this is the last one tonight I promise :biggrin: Jo x
  8. i bought this trinity bracelet and would like to confirm its authentic. after the serial number there is a tiny heart and something under, very hard to photograph, maybe an engraving? i sent a question to the seller, don't really mind and not sure if its from cartier itself? also some mark on the outside of the ring which has serial etc inside, but again i cannot take a good photo. thanks in advance for your time and knowledge!
    DSC05221wtmk.JPG DSC05222wtmk.JPG DSC05226wtmk.JPG DSC05235wtmk.JPG DSC05236wtmk.JPG
  9. Sadly, this does not look authentic to me.
  10. Hi, that's cool, I didn't think it was :biggrin::biggrin: thanks so much for your help, Jo x
  11. Hi again girls :biggrin:,

    just received this bracelet this morning (again from EBay), the heart was not attached (apparantly because the seller had removed it as she had wanted to wear it as a pendant), this isn't a problem for me as I have a Tiffany jump ring I can use to reattach the heart. Do you think both the bracelet and the heart are authentic??

    Thanks in advance :smile: Jo
  12. Both authentic :smile:
  13. Thank you!!:biggrin: I am one happy bunny! I have only ever bought one bracelet brand new (from Tiffany in Florida, Mall at Millenia), and it is my pride and joy, it is the small notes tag bracelet (I have never seen the small tag on the UK website, only the larger one), and as I can't afford any other new ones I have had to take my chances with 'pre-loved'. So far I have been very lucky so maybe I will quit while I am ahead!! :biggrin:

    Thank you again :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  14. Hi! I didn't have any luck with this on the Gucci forum, but is anyone familiar with Gucci stuff? Thank you!!

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