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  1. Thanks, Mang0!

    I think we can definitely recommend that members NOT buy from seller lynntx123
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    Do NOT buy any of these chopped, mangled keychains or "jewelry" from seller designeraccessories365

    That's a "chop shop" keyring like almost every other one that seller has ever listed, and it CAN'T be listed and sold as a "Coach key chain" - it's a ripoff and a cheap remake from a disassembled 5-charm keychain. The entire keychain was at the oulets for less than what the seller is asking for one small charm and a clip.

    Coach NEVER uses a single thin small charm as a separate purse charm. Here's the complete keychain:
    92794_travels multi mix-svmc_a0.jpg
  3. Item: Small Hamptons Weekend tote?
    Listing number: none
    Seller: Goodwill
    Comments: Found this at goodwill and would like to have it authenticated before I sell it. Thanks a bunch!
    DSC01686.JPG DSC01688.JPG DSC01689.JPG DSC01694.JPG
  4. Thank you so much! I thought there was something off about it. Can it be reported? Would it still be copyright infringement?
  5. Yes, because it can't be listed as a Coach keychain since Coach isn't the final manufacturer. Garbage like that has to be listed as "Coach charm on Coach clip".
  6. Genuine Hamptons Twill Small Market Tote.
  7. It doesn't necessarily promote illegal activity but it's definitely fake and a violation of Coach's copyright & trademarks. They don't make lengths of fabric of ANY kind for sale, especially not cheap tacky vinyl.
  8. Thanks. I'll report it.
  9. I love how all the pictures are pretty clear.. and then the creed is very blurry. I wonder why they even bothered to put that picture on there. :giggles:
  10. I'm seeing this more and more now that pictures are free. It seems like some people take a batch of pictures and then upload them without looking at them first or narrowing it down to the best ones.
  11. Thank you very much. I wondered why they shared the first photo too. Anyway, lynntx123 did not send creed and ended the listing. I found out that a small quantity of those bags are still available at 2 outlets so I will purchase from directly from them for much less $.
  12. Send your buyer here. It looks good. Not sure they sell that alone or not but your buyer got an authentic item.

    Ask for a feedback revision.
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