Asians & Hermes

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  1. Yep. it's a Chanel coat-dress from a couple of years back
  2. Melody Kliu IMG_1515208452.121227.jpg
  3. Christine Fan IMG_1515228038.795843.jpg
  4. Terri Kwan IMG_1515472722.411974.jpg
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  5. Araya Alberta Hargate with one of her twin Son IMG_1515720981.660888.jpg
  6. Araya Alberta Hargate with one of her twin Son IMG_1516097928.415241.jpg
  7. Elly Lam IMG_1516098287.089174.jpg IMG_1516098296.993593.jpg
  8. Serena Chen Liu IMG_1516151082.770923.jpg
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  9. Melody Kliu IMG_1516164477.500323.jpg
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  10. Ock Joo Hyun IMG_1516164794.784270.jpg IMG_1516164821.054055.jpg IMG_1516164831.755035.jpg
  11. Lilian from Taiwanese n pics from her blog IMG_6158.jpg IMG_6159.jpg IMG_6162.jpg IMG_6163.jpg IMG_6164.jpg IMG_6165.jpg
  12. Serena Chen Liu IMG_6157.jpg
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  13. Terri Kwan IMG_6185.jpg IMG_6186.jpg
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  14. More pics of Terri Kwan IMG_6188.jpg IMG_6189.jpg
  15. Lillian from Taiwan and pics from her IG IMG_6199.jpg IMG_6200.jpg IMG_6201.jpg
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