Asians & Hermes

  1. Continued from here....
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  2. Tina Craig

  3. She got it!? Wow, so pretty!
  4. This is really gorgeous !!!

  5. Indeed, how can one refuse!!! :love:
  6. Model Ms Balia Chan, Hong Kong, November 2012, via Oriental Daily.

  7. Ms CHAN Hoi Wan, Hong Kong, 16 November 2012, via Apple Daily.

  8. Do you think its Fuchsia or Rose Tyrien? :smile:
  9. Rose tyrien
  10. Verrrry nice, this combination of colour and leather are beautiful :love:
  11. Thanks. :smile:
  12. :heart:

    So true!

    I :heart: Rose Tyrien! More than Fuschia now.:P
  13. Monlacha Skulthai
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  14. Nong Nee
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  15. Siritorn Greewong
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