Asians & Hermes

  1. Yes looks so chic
  2. Fan Jiang & Kenny Bee IMG_1512123211.679943.jpg
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  3. I have a black croc constance in nilo and it too is very shiny, just like these photos.
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  4. Terri Kwan IMG_1512287478.067747.jpg IMG_1512287490.191415.jpg IMG_1512287503.535465.jpg IMG_1512287515.695202.jpg
  5. Pace Wu IMG_1512404361.987370.jpg
  6. Ann Wu IMG_1512476812.709297.jpg
  7. Terri Kwan IMG_1512795478.094844.jpg
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  8. Aimee Sun IMG_1512925045.502562.jpg IMG_1512925061.280361.jpg
  9. Christine Fan IMG_1513223677.935712.jpg
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  10. Kim Lim IMG_1513314825.361925.jpg
  11. Arissa Cheo IMG_1513317192.003755.jpg IMG_1513317203.039098.jpg
  12. Ni Ni Ou Yang and Arissa Cheo IMG_1513419352.272876.jpg
  13. Aimee Sun IMG_1513428255.482892.jpg
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  14. Image.png Imelda Marcos
  15. Terri Kwan and friends IMG_1513509983.582282.jpg IMG_1513509995.591703.jpg IMG_1513510006.209306.jpg IMG_1513510018.463174.jpg
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