Asians & Hermes

  1. Aimee Sun with her beautiful mummy IMG_1513520460.155711.jpg
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  2. wow... this is gorgeous! It is like a dream bag. :smile:
  3. Christine Fan IMG_1513994794.960910.jpg IMG_1513994809.227036.jpg IMG_1513994824.265878.jpg IMG_1513994836.298081.jpg
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  4. Serena Chen Liu IMG_1514078631.121258.jpg IMG_1514078689.747845.jpg
  5. Apple Hong IMG_1514112624.689287.jpg
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  6. Araya Alberta Hargate IMG_1514112982.033837.jpg
  7. I've gotta say that I really love this lady's style: Au Skulthai.

    She's absolutely amazing and manages to to look like a star in every single pic...A star who's on vacation :smile: This thread has been special/pretty bag overload for me (very enjoyable though! :smile: ha! :smile: ) but Au Skulthai is just something else. Wow! So much style!

    She always looks so very comfortable in her clothes ...Does she even own a pair of spiky heels? Can't even begin to imagine a woman like her doing this to her feet ;)

    i would love to go on a hike with her :smile: Judging by her style, she would come armed with some gorgeous croc bag and a pair of very comfortable sneakers :smile: Wouldn't that be fun? Well, one can always dream :smile:

    Hope that you'll keep the pics coming! It's so enjoyable to see all the amazing handbags and different styles!
  8. Heart Evangelista
    Screen Shot 2017-12-29 at 9.35.36 AM.png
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  9. Marian Rivera and husband Dingdong Dantes
    Screen Shot 2017-12-29 at 9.39.14 AM.png
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  10. Rigel Davis IMG_1514537259.664026.jpg
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  11. Serena Chen Liu IMG_1514538123.223099.jpg
  12. Ella Koon IMG_1514546309.722750.jpg
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  13. What a beautiful picture!!