Asians & Hermes

  1. Neiman Marcus
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  1. Haha. I think trypophobia is triggered with a more organic pattern instead of a clearly mathematical, origami structure here. But yeah, I still have huge doubts about Demna at Balenciaga but his work at Vetements is interesting.
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  2. Chryseis Tan.
  3. Peepy Lee and ABL.
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  4. Raghad Taib.
  5. Jinkee Pacquaio.
  6. Jamie Chua.
    1552117647117993291_41987900.jpg 1557134251606246470_41987900.jpg 1555640117771107950_41987900.jpg
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  7. Carol Wang and her friends IMG_1500197262.525588.jpg
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  8. Heart Evangelista.
  9. Zuo Xiao An IMG_1500292366.365143.jpg IMG_1500292380.498022.jpg IMG_1500292393.857851.jpg
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  10. Dsaks. Love the Off-White camo jacket.
    19933335_1668372616507638_2874715503492857856_n.jpg 20214381_318544621930348_6914465204130545664_n.jpg 20180987_1866802306970311_8142077641713778688_n.jpg 19985053_246433949179021_6888231792994680832_n.jpg
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  11. Jamie Chua.
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  12. Dsaks.
    20067202_1598862430135734_1480255522174140416_n.jpg 20184201_122491205034437_4103707952723001344_n.jpg
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  13. Heart Evangelista.
  14. Jinkee Pacquaio.
  15. Jamie Chua.
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