Asians & Hermes

  1. Sharon Au IMG_1499127684.475946.jpg
  2. Siritornmam with Araya Hargate.
    19761474_1951863968417533_4046059922423545856_n.jpg 19534812_1588565494547348_5786199844049649664_n.jpg
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  3. Jamie Chua.
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  4. Jinkee Pacquaio. Manny had a fight in Brisbane, Australia.
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  5. Heart Evangelista and designer, Mark Bumgarner.
    heartinparis1.png heartinparis.png
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  6. Dsaks.
    19624555_696082380595683_5743817360175792128_n.jpg 19533694_802012599967786_5763111766313664512_n.jpg 19623454_336905933410126_602978455914545152_n.jpg 19623602_1927057594237587_6215622227765755904_n.jpg 19761621_1789929447959866_8111329429675835392_n.jpg
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  7. Heart Evangelista with Michael Coste.
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  8. Serena Chen Liu with her herbag IMG_1499394292.420612.jpg IMG_1499394303.548198.jpg IMG_1499394317.423047.jpg
  9. Au Skulthai. I'm in love with this outfit. The exaggerated shoulders don't always work, but I like this a lot.
    Dover Street Market.
    19761872_146598215904539_4717320498554339328_n (1).jpg
    At Wimbledon. I'm watching the Nadal v. Khachanov match right now and I've been trying to spot her in the crowd. :lol:
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  10. Jinkee Pacquiao.
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  12. Heart Evangelista.
  13. Right? :nuts: It's always interesting. Both this thread and the Socialites thread have a huge number of overlaps in terms of "safer" pieces. I've lost count of how many Dolce florals and prints there have been on either thread. It's nice to mix things up a bit. :tup:
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  14. I couldn't agree more. She wears all the progressive pieces so perfectly, and they don't wear her. True avant garde style:heart:
  15. Vintage Peepy Lee & ABL.
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